5 Things You Need to Know about Logos 7 Libraries

Whether you already have thousands of books in your Logos library or are just getting started with Logos for the first time, it’s worth taking a look at the libraries in Logos 7 base packages. Not only can you get hundreds or even thousands of biblical resources for pennies on the dollar, you’ll get those trusted resources in the Logos format—which means the information you need is just a few clicks or keystrokes away.

Here are five things you need to know about our new libraries.

1. We rebuilt Logos libraries from the ground up.

These aren’t just warmed-over Logos 6 libraries! When building Logos 7 libraries, we were intentional about including more of those contemporary works you rely on for your study. (See number 4 below).

We also made sure these new libraries overlapped with earlier libraries. Why? To make them more affordable for our current customers. With Dynamic Pricing, you only pay for the resources that are new to you. If you already own a Logos base package, you won’t pay full price to get your Logos 7 base package. Dynamic Pricing routinely results in hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in savings for Logos base package owners.

See how much you can save on Logos 7!

2. Logos 7 Libraries add more books to your current library.

If you’re like many Logos users, your library represents a significant investment. Keeping that investment safe is of utmost importance. Rest assured: your Logos library is yours to keep forever.

And when you purchase a Logos 7 library, all those resources are added to your current library. Your new Logos library doesn’t replace your old one, it expands it! Because of Dynamic Pricing (see above), you’ll only pay for the resources that are new to you! When you get another library, your current library stays perfectly safe. In fact, it gets stronger.

Build on your investment: get a Logos 7 base package today!

3. Even if you have thousands of books, Logos 7 libraries are worth it.

libraryIn a recent blog post, I admitted I have a serious problem.

I’m a bookaholic.

I have thousands of books—both physical and digital. Truth be told, I probably won’t ever be able to reference all of my physical books. But in Logos I can use all those books, even if I never read a single one front to back.

Logos’ tagging, datasets, and features give you unprecedented access to the information you need, when you need it:

  • Commentary excerpts show up in the Passage Guide, Bible Word Study/Lemma in Passage, and other features
  • Relevant dictionary entries appear in Factbook/Dictionaries
  • A diversity of systematic and biblical theologies leads to more comprehensive results in the relevant sections of Passage Guide
  • More background resources and secondary literary works means more results in Passage Guide/Cultural Concepts

Build on your library with Logos 7 today.

4. Some of the most trusted biblical and theological resources are included in Logos 7 libraries.

Logos 7 libraries include some of the most celebrated resources available—many of which have never been included in Logos base packages before. Here are just a few of the most exciting additions:

Plus, Logos 7 libraries include Mobile Ed courses to complement the brand new Courses Tool. And there are hundreds of other trusted resources you’ll use in your study every day, like the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, and many more.

Best of all, when you get these resources in a base package, on average you’ll get 90% off the price of purchasing them separately.

See all the resources included in your personal Logos 7 recommendation.

5. Libraries from different traditions have different strengths.

We’ve put together specialty libraries designed for specific theological traditions. Anglican, Reformed, Baptist, and beyond—find a collection of resources from nine distinct strands of theological thought.

Even if you’re solidly in a particular theological camp, a library from a different tradition could be helpful for your study. Why? Because each tradition-specific library has its own unique strengths. You may be able to get a great deal on resources you’ve been hunting for in a library you never would have considered:


Logos 7 Anglican Libraries
 are rich with church history resources like the Early Church Fathers (37 vols), 20 volumes from the Classics of Western Spirituality, and the Collected Homilies of St. John Chrysostom.


Logos 7 Baptist
libraries focus on preaching and ministry with resources such as the David Platt Sermon Archive (334 sermons), the Founder’s Press Ministry collection, and the New American Commentary series.



Logos 7 Reformed libraries focus on theology with collections like the 13-volume Gospel According to the Old Testament Series, the Eerdmans D.A. Carson Collection, and 11 volumes from the Works of Jonathan Edwards.


Those are just a few examples. Check out all of the denominational libraries to see what you may be missing.

Get your Logos 7 Library today!

Ready to take the plunge? Logos 7 libraries are included in all of our base packages. Get started with your personalized base package recommendation now!

Written by
Tyler Smith
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  • Greetings

    I still have a Q about the libraries that I hasn’t been answered. (I haven’t chased for various reasons.)

    I am currently on Logos 6.
    I become a Logos Now Member, and purchase the Logos 7 Full Feature Set.
    I also upgrade my library to the Standard Silver.

    Can I in a few months time ‘upgrade’ to Anglican Silver to get the extra books? Would I still get a discount?

    Then in a few months time I go for the Reformed Silver, etc…

    Does the Dynamic Pricing still take this into account?

    It occurs to me that this could (if valid) be a way to stagger or spread out the costs rather than purchasing with monthly installments.

    Thanks & All

Written by Tyler Smith