Five Great Products to Add to Your Logos Library

March’s deals are here, giving you more than 100 ways to build your library. Get commentaries, theological works, language resources, and more—all at great discounts. And if you’re looking for the best values, don’t miss these five deals:

1. Charles Ryrie Collection (19 vols.)48% off
Before his recent passing, Charles Ryrie built a legacy as a highly influential voice in evangelical Christianity and a key thinker in dispensational theology. This collection, featuring 19 of his most important works, is the perfect way to explore his thought.

2. Welwyn Commentary Series (56 vols.)40% off
This series offers 13,000-plus pages of commentary, combining exegesis, hermeneutics, and history to give you a clear picture of the Bible’s message. Each volume includes verse-by-verse analysis, cultural context, and more—all designed to help you apply the Word to your life. Don’t miss this big discount.

3. The John Collection (130 vols.)40% off
Study the Gospel of John with nearly 100 verse-by-verse commentaries and more than 30 other books analyzing specific topics in Johannine studies. This collection features volumes from leading commentary series, including the International Critical Commentary and Pillar New Testament Commentary—and such respected authors as D.A. Carson and N.T. Wright.

4. Eerdmans New Testament Commentaries Collection (4 vols.)60% off
Expand your New Testament studies collection with four diverse volumes. Two of the volumes tackle Romans: an introduction to key critical issues in the letter and a verse-by-verse commentary. You’ll also get an extensive commentary on the Gospel of John and translations of six medieval interpretations of Galatians.

5. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Revelation of St. John, vols. 1 and 2—70% off
This two-volume work from the acclaimed International Critical Commentary series guides you through one of the Bible’s most challenging books with linguistic and and textual analysis, historical background, theological commentary, and more.

Of course, this list of five deals just scratches the surface of what’s on sale this March. Check out all the deals, and build your library with great resources while saving money.

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Paul Kirby
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