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Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, is the home of the “Money Pit.” Some say it is an ingeniously booby-trapped treasure trove; others, a natural sink hole. It all depends on how skeptical you are.

When the “Money Pit” was first explored in 1795, 18-year-old diggers found a layer of flagstones and then layers of logs every 10 feet. Eight years later, the Onslow Company continued digging, only to discover log layers every 10 feet for 90 feet, plus layers of charcoal, putty, and coconut fiber (confusing, since coconuts are not native to Canada). At 40 feet, the excavators allegedly found a stone with markings. When translated it read: “40 feet below, 2 million pounds lie buried.” Then the excavation flooded, and they gave up.

The treasure of Scripture

Treasure-hunting stories pique our interest because of the mystery and the hope of amazing riches to be discovered, but you must solve riddles to find the treasure. Scripture has the same feel and excitement of a good treasure hunt. We know that Scripture contains hidden treasures about God and ancient culture scattered throughout, we only need the right tools and clues to find them.

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Written by
Kaleb Cuevas

Kaleb Cuevas is a husband, father, ministry leader, church league softball professional.

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Written by Kaleb Cuevas