Find All the Women Mentioned in Paul’s Letters

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

I recently received this question from a Logos user: I am trying to find Paul’s co-laborers who are women. Is there a way to search just for the women in Paul’s letters? Excellent question! Happily the answer is “yes” with the Concordance tool found in Logos Now.

If you’re not familiar with Logos Now please check it out because, in my humble opinion, the Concordance feature by itself makes Logos Now a worthy investment. Among many other things, the Concordance tool can build master lists of people in Scripture. Then we can filter those lists according to numerous characteristics including gender! If you are a subscriber to Logos Now, try this out:

Choose Tools | Concordance (A)

Morris Proctor 1

  • From the resource drop-down menu, select a Bible with an interlinear option such as the NASB, NKJV, LEB, or ESV .(B)
  • Be patient because the initial creation of the Concordance list in an interlinear Bible is going to take a couple of minutes. (C)

Morris Proctor 2

  • After the results display, select Biblical Entity from the reference drop down list. “Biblical Entities” include the people, places, and things in the Bible. (D)


morris proctor 3

  • SelectPauline Epistles from the verse-range drop-down list to limit the search to Paul’s letters. (E)
  • Select Woman (F) from the Kind section in the Sidebar

Morris proctor

You’re now seeing a list of all the women mentioned in Paul’s letters, regardless of how they’re referenced: by name, she, her, their, etc.! (G)

Morris Proctor


For more detailed training, check out the Camp Logos 2 video training . And if you haven’t already, sign up for Logos Now.



Written by
Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

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  • After reading this blog, I can't tell you how upset I am to know the direction Logos (Faithlife) is heading in.

    I own Logos 6 Platinum edition. I have owned Logos Bible Software for years. I have spent thousands of dollars in books and upgrades. And now this company is telling us, all that isn’t enough to own all the features the Logos Bible Software is capable of. Now… I have to pay a monthly fee for the privilege to use a concordance tool (Logos Now)!

    As if the year to year upgrades didn’t cost enough, Logos Now is a slap in the face!

    • Nelson, would you be more or less offended if Faithlife kept the already-built Concordance tool under wraps and allowed no one to purchase access to it until Logos 7?

    • The idea that we have spent ‘thousands of dollars with Logos’ so they should give us this or they shouldn’t charge us for that is one that I am as guilty of as the rest in feeling at times. But reality is a significant portion of that actually goes to the publishers of the resources and hence doesn’t really make a good argument as to why Logos should not charge users a monthly fee to access the features and benefits of Logos Now. There is no guarantee that all of the features and datasets that go through the Logos Now program will make it into the next major version of Logos (i.e. Logos 7) but a lot of them most probably will in some shape or form. Logos Now users are essentially beta testing these features for Logos an paying for the privilege of doing it as a way for Logos to help fund the continued development of the software. But that said I personally think it is poor form from Logos to use a training post to market the Logos Now program – it should have simply been a product post displaying one the current features of Logos Now for subscribers to the program. And the negative reaction to the post only shows that disguising marketing as training is not going to be well received by all.

  • My understanding of Logos Now is that cutting edge advancements that could be available in future upgrades are made available now. Every month new tools are offered and books can be sampled. If you don't want to wait to see what Logos is working on, you subscribe to Logos Now.

  • I receive emails constantly telling me how fortunate I am that everytime Logos updates/upgrades a book I own, they update me for free. And yet, here we are with a concordance upgrade and I am expected to pay a monthly fee. I have queried Logos asking if those who did purchase the Logos Now would receive the cost back in the form of a discount when the new version of Logos comes out which would incorporate these "tools" only to fall on deaf ears. Logos is totally silent on this issue.

  • This could be a useful tool in Logos 7 if it were fully developed but at the moment once you get this point there is no method for working with the list of verses once it is generated .For instance there is no way to export the list of verses to a passage list. This is demonstrated by the fact Mo doesn’t fully answer the original question – he only shows how to get a list of women mentioned in Paul’s letters. If there was a way to export all of the verses to a passage list document each verse could then be examined and those references not relevant to answering the original question – female co-labourer’s of Paul – could be deleted from the list.

Written by Morris Proctor