Final Call: 50 Ministry Resources for 50% Off

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and to mark the occasion we’re offering 50 ministry resources for 50% off. But you don’t have to be a pastor to appreciate these commentaries, courses, and ministry deals. Pick your favorites while you still can: the deals end on October 31 at midnight (PT).

Here are three recommended courses and books to get you started:

Mobile Ed: Bryan Chapell Preaching Bundle (2 courses)

“An expository sermon seeks to say what God says. We identify what is in the text, we explain its meaning, and then we apply it to the lives of God’s people.”

In these courses on expositional preaching, Dr. Bryan Chapell teaches you how to prepare and deliver sermons that are grounded in the biblical text. He shows you how to be faithful to the text and points out things that can get in the way. He also emphasizes the importance of sermon application, and how to communicate God’s truth in a way that brings hope and stirs God’s people to action.

With decades of experience as a seminary professor and president, pastor, and preaching coach, Dr. Chapell is one of the most engaging instructors you will ever come across. In the Mobile Ed format, his courses are both comprehensive and concise. Each 5-10 minute segment is taught with clarity and a specific goal. If you want to transform your preaching, these courses are essential.

Get it for 50% off while you still can.

Excellent Preaching Bundle (15 vols.)

In Excellent Preaching, Craig Bartholomew explains how to preach so that the powerful message of the Bible penetrates the daily lives of your congregation. While we need to be intimately acquainted with Scripture, we also need to understand the context in which we preach. Good preaching isn’t just about the quality of your exegesis or the effectiveness of your delivery. It’s also about contextualization.

This bundle includes 15 carefully selected resources to help you bridge the gap between Scripture and culture. With Excellent Preaching as the centerpiece, each resource fits into a specific area to help you with your sermon prep:

  • Your congregation: Understand the needs, ideas, and reflections of your congregation.
  • Your culture: Identify the cultural milieu of modern secular society.
  • Your area: Globalize your perspective to reach across borders.
  • Your place in time: Gain a historical understanding of the church’s mission.
  • Your place in the biblical story: Recognize your place in the ongoing biblical story.

Get the complete bundle for 50% off.

IVP Essentials Series (6 vols.)

The Essentials Set is a series of in-depth workbooks that brings the essentials of Christian ministry into contact with the real life of your congregation. With books on discipleship, evangelism, leadership, and the Great Commandment, there is something for everyone at your church—from veteran ministry leaders to regular attenders.

Every Essentials experience is built on three conditions for transformation: 1) The unchanging truth of God’s Word, 2) transparent relationships, and 3) mutual accountability. As each Essentials group matures in these areas, members are encouraged to start again with new groups—creating an ever-expanding, multigenerational discipling network within your community.

Get the series for 50% off.


Looking for more? There are 47 other courses, commentaries, and ministry resources available for 50% off—but not for long. Shop the Pastor Appreciation Month sale while there’s still time. Deals end October 31 at midnight (PT).

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