. Explore the New BibleStudyMagazine.com

Explore the New BibleStudyMagazine.com

Bible Study Magazine’s website just got a makeover! The new BibleStudyMagazine.com is dedicated to bringing you the best in Bible study—a fresh go-to resource for tips, methods, and insights.

Gain insights from BSM articles

BibleStudyMagazine.com now features our latest stories, which will be updated with every issue. Currently we’re showcasing articles from our November/December ’14 issue.

Our cover story, “Rooted in the City of Brotherly Love,” will take you firsthand into Eric Mason’s passion for urban ministries and his decision to invest in one church community instead of planting a church and moving on. Mason realized the importance of growing relationships and investing in a church community.

Discover another story, “Soviet Soldier to Seminary President,” that tells the story of a Ukrainian soldier’s journey of faith after a chance encounter with a page of Scripture. Andrey Krastsev, who once believed in the “bright future of communism,” now trains pastors to spread the gospel across Russia. His story is part of a series that shows how people around the globe apply the Bible to their own contexts.

Discover new interactives

Bible Study Magazine has an amazing design team dedicated to helping you visually explore the stories of the Bible. Draw connections from Jeffery Kranz’s article “Out of Slavery: Exodus”. This story sheds light on the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, as well as how each of the 10 plagues showed God fighting for his people.

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Written by
Katie Monsma
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  • if the WEB site is free and has everything the magazine contains what is the reason to subscribe to the magazine?

    • Thanks for the question, Melvin.

      The website does not contain all the articles in the print magazine–only a sampling.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Rebecca, If you can do this, then why not put the whole thing on here and let us access it with a password!!? I would even pay a little extra for it! Thanks for all you folks do! love the magazine!

Written by Katie Monsma