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Explore Different Perspectives in Joshua for Free—through August 31

You’ve got just a few days left to get Two Horizons Commentary: Joshua for free this month.

Explore how Joshua, Moses’ successor and Israel’s fearless spiritual and military leader, wages a seven-year campaign to conquer the promised land. As you go deeper into the text with this commentary, you’ll gain insights into how Joshua connects to the overall biblical drama of salvation and continues the revelation of God as a covenant keeper.

The two biblical scholars behind Two Horizon Commentary: Joshua interact and debate each other within the commentary. This dynamic gives you different perspectives as they combine exegesis and theological reflection to explore the significant themes in Joshua, such as land, covenant, law, miracles, judgment, and idolatry.

Get a second commentary for $1.99, and another for $4.99

Through August, you can also get Two Horizons Commentary: 1 Peter for only $1.99. Top scholar Joel Green gives a clear paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of 1 Peter—a letter written to all believers suffering for the name of Christ— giving wisdom and guidance for living a hopeful and victorious life.

Two Horizons Commentary: Lamentations is just $4.99 for a limited time. It examines the prophet Jeremiah’s lament at the destruction of Jerusalem and Babylonian exile in light of the cross and resurrection.

And while you’re picking up your free book, don’t miss your chance to enter to win the Pillar New Testament Commentary (15 vols.) for free!


Get Two Horizons Commentary: Joshua free while you can, and get two more books for less than $7—but only through the end of the month! And don’t forget to tell your friends about this month’s free book to enter for your chance to win Pillar New Testament Commentary (15 vols.).

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