Enjoy Your Books, Even outside Cell Phone Range

The road hadn’t been groomed yet that spring. I steered our little hatchback around most of the potholes, but nobody misses them all. A landslide washed out one of the of the sharper s-curves, but it wasn’t fresh and the sun was out, so the debris was starting to crust over. We managed to crawl over it. A huge spruce tree cut the road about a quarter mile from the trailhead, so we walked in from there.

I set my phone to airplane mode as we hiked away from the car.



My wife and I spent two days in the backcountry that weekend, enjoying some of the best mountain vistas anywhere in North America. We like to do that now and then. To escape—to walk deep into the woods, beyond the reach of any Wi-Fi network or cellular service and live outside our routine for a while.

Whenever we venture outside our phone carrier’s coverage map we have to leave things behind—but we never have to leave behind our theological library. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The Logos mobile app lets you to carry all your books in your pocket.

Imagine trying to do that without the Logos app. My favorite single-volume commentary, The New Bible Commentary, weighs in at a hulking four pounds and 1,317 pages. That’s heavier than my tent. No way I’m carrying it with me on a backpacking trip or to the beach. If I owned a print edition of that book, it probably wouldn’t ever leave my office.

But I did have it with me on that trip because I downloaded it and the ESV to my phone, so I could read Psalm 128:1 and it’s blessing for those who fear the Lord. I could read about the mountain of the house of the Lord in Isaiah 2:2 while we camped in a snowy meadow between Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters.

Download your favorite books to your device in the Logos app, so you can enjoy them on your next trip outside your phone carrier’s coverage map.

If you’re not sure how to download your Logos resources to your mobile device, here’s a quick tutorial.

  • Fire up your app
  • Swipe from the left side of the screen to reveal the app menu. There you’ll find a list of books you have access to in your app.
  • Tap the information icon for any book to learn more about it. When you do, you’ll find a download button.
  • Tap the download button.

Once a book is downloaded, its information icon will be solid blue like you see below for my copies of the ESV and NBC.


Next weekend, my wife and I are taking another trip into the mountains. Without the Logos app, I’d have to put my Galatians study on hold. With the Logos app, I carry all my books without adding a single ounce more weight. 

Download your favorite books to your mobile device with the Logos app, and you won’t ever have to leave them behind.

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  1. Thank you for this tip … I also have found this useful – since my phone allow for an external microSD card, I can put all of my “go to” books on my phone. However, recently something has changed and the Logos app is always trying to re-log in every time I open the app requiring me to put in my username and password. This is quite awkward especially when I use my phone as a Bible during a worship service … even more awkward when I make a mistake entering in my password and cannot see it as it is blanked out with *******. While I understand that this is for security reasons, an option to “show password” would be helpful as I generally need several tries to get everything correct on my phone. Again, awkward in a worship service. Thanks!

  2. Jonathan Schroeder says

    It is great to have book downloaded so you have them in airplane mode and preserve you battery charge! What is a bummer is that the mobile ed courses will not work in airplane mode. Hopefully that will be worked out soon. What’s odd is that they get dowloaded onto your device but they still won’t play without an internet connection. If they truly are “mobile” I think they should work in airplane mode.

  3. Alex McLean says

    I have been using Logos for many years and now I have Logos 6.2. However, recently I have been having difficulty with my mobile apps. I have a Galaxy Tab4 and a Galaxy Note 3. Recently when I have tried to open a downloaded book from my library I get the message “cannot open offline resource. In the Tab 4, I completely reset the device, wiping everything off and started again. The books seem to open instantly now. However, I don’t want to do this with my phone as i have so many things stored there which might be a problem getting restored, although I always back up. I’m just posting this so that it might help others. Do you have any idea what this might be or what could have caused it.
    Still a marvelous resource. Thanks, Alex.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Alex.

      Sorry you’re having trouble! I’m forwarding your problem to customer service. They should be able to help you out.


      • Alex McLean says

        Hi Tyler,

        Thanks for your reply, look forward to getting a solution. I love things that just work. However, computing, tablets, phones etc don’t just do what we want.

        kind regards,