. Don’t Miss the Summer’s Biggest Savings on Logos 6

Don’t Miss the Summer’s Biggest Savings on Logos 6

Time’s almost up to save 10% on any Logos 6 base package. This deal disappears July 11 at 11:59 p.m. (PT), and you won’t see lower prices on Logos 6 this summer! With only three days left to save, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Logos 6 base package, don’t wait any longer.

Whether this is your first-ever Logos base package, your first Logos 6 package, or you’d like to boost your bible study with a second or third base package, we want to answer some of the questions you might have.

“I’m brand new to Logos. Where do I start?”

A Logos base package includes a curated library of trusted biblical resources that power cutting-edge research tools. Features like the Factbook, Passage Guide, and Exegetical Guide draw on resources from across your library, putting relevant passages about key biblical topics and passages all in the same place.

There are eight levels of base packages available, from the introductory Starter level to the all-encompassing Collector’s—each one increasing in power and scope, so you can find the package level that meets your needs.

You can also tailor your Bible study to a particular theological tradition by picking up a tradition-specific package, such as Reformed, Baptist, Pentecostal & Charismatic, Lutheran, and more. These packages feature resources by influential authors within their respective traditions, and you can get your favorite commentary sets or book series in a convenient collection—for a fraction of the price to purchase them separately.

See your personalized recommendation and discover the wealth of insight waiting for you.

“I have an older version of Logos. What’s the best way to get Logos 6?”

The best way to get the complete Logos 6 experience is to get a Logos 6 base package. You’ll get all the features and datasets that make Logos 6 so powerful plus an expanded library, and you’ll only pay for resources new to you—that means you’ll save even more than 10%! Discover how much you’ll get, and how much you’ll save by finding the base package that fits your study.

If you want just the new Logos 6 features and datasets without adding any new books, then check out the Crossgrade options—also 10% off right now!

“I already have a Logos 6 base package. Why would I get another one?”

A Logos 6 base package is the easiest, least-expensive way to get the added resources you want. The final price of the average base package is about 90% less than the actual retail value of all the resources individually.

In addition, with a second or third Logos base package you can customize and specialize your library for your particular interest or need. You can choose from a variety of theological traditions; there’s even a base package tailor-made for biblical language study. The curated library you get in a Logos base package means you don’t have to spend the time painstakingly building your library one book at a time; you can study efficiently with a library chosen and hand-tagged by scholars. And of course, you’ll get those collections and resources for a fraction of the individual retail price.

And unlike a physical library, which becomes more unwieldy with each added book, the more Logos resources you have, the more powerful features like the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, and Factbook become!

Explore the base package families and find out how a second or third base package could take your bible study to the next level.


Get 10% off your base package before this deal disappears. If you have some lingering questions, or you just need some help deciding, our Resource Experts are standing by to help connect you with the package that fits your study. Reach out at 888-875-9491 or experts@logos.com.

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