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October’s monthly sale ends soon—if you’ve been waiting to shop these deals, don’t wait any longer! And if you’re looking for some of the best options, check out the five most popular deals this month.

1. The N.T. Wright Collection (52 vols.)35% off
This collection features popular works like the Christian Origins and the Question of God series, the New Testament for Everyone series, Paul: Fresh Perspectives, and much more, so it’s no surprise that it’s October’s bestselling deal. Already own part of the collection? You’ll get a custom discount!

2. The Bible Knowledge Background Commentary: New Testament (3 vols.)19% off
Explore the New Testament’s world with verse-by-verse discussion of the historical, cultural, and economic setting of its writings. Better interpret the New Testament by understanding its background.

3. The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible (43 vols.)25% off
October’s featured deal is not only a commentary on the entire Bible, it’s also a complete resource for expository and topical preaching. You’ll get verse-by-verse outlines of Scripture passages, discussion of key points, practical applications, and more.

4. 40 Questions & Answers Series (4 vols.)26% off
These four volumes cover questions on biblical law, church government, biblical interpretation, and the end times. Get clear, biblically faithful answers from trusted teachers, including Thomas Schreiner, Eckhard Schnabel, and Robert Plummer.

5. New Testament Text and Translation Commentary21% off
Philip W. Comfort provides an accessible introduction to variant readings of ancient New Testament manuscripts and how they relate to major English translations. Explore textual criticism, its importance for study of the New Testament, and the challenges English translators face.

And don’t forget to check out all the other great deals this month—get them before they’re gone!

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