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When it comes to the study of the End Times, there are no shortage of perspectives—and plenty of controversy to go around. Consulting authors from differing views—and the most trusted from your own—is essential.

We’ve pulled together over 100 resources from a diverse group of authors to help you dig into a broad range of issues in eschatology. You’ll find excellent commentaries on Daniel and Revelation as well as resources on key issues in eschatology, all at a great discount.

Here are seven featured resources on major issues in eschatology.

  • The Antichrist by A.W. Pink – 61% off – Written by the popular author of The Attributes of God, this resource offers a Reformed perspective on the identity of the Antichrist in Scripture. Pink takes a systematic approach to the subject, drawing on passages across the canon to discern the identity of this important eschatological figure.
  • The Best Is Yet to Come – by Charles Ryrie – 60% off – Written by the man who literally wrote the book on dispensationalism, this little guide is a helpful introduction to the premillennial, pretribulational view of the future. Ryrie provides details on the future of Israel, the role of modern nation states in biblical prophecy, and more.
  • 10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed – by Gary DeMar – 52% off – In this stinging critique, Gary DeMar challenges some of the most prevalent teachings regarding the End Times. Focusing his assault on dispensationalist eschatology, DeMar examines the role of Israel in God’s plan, questions the idea that the temple must be rebuilt before the return of Christ, and more.
  • Wipf and Stock Eschatology Collection (2 vols.)24% off – This collection provides both a bird’s-eye-view of eschatology and a deep dive into a key eschatological theme. In Biblical Eschatology, Jonathan Menn provides a thorough overview of major issues in eschatology. In Jesus the Bridegroom, Phillip J. Long explores the eschatological significance of the image of Christ as Israel’s bridegroom.
  • The Prophecy Knowledge Handbook – by John Walvoord – 31% off – This comprehensive reference work covers more than just eschatology, detailing every prophecy from Genesis to Revelation—and a range of interpretations for each!
  • The Fire That Consumes – by Edward William Fudge – 35% off – The book that caused a stir when first published 35 years ago is just as important today as it was then. Fudge challenges the traditional Christian characterization of hell, arguing that hell is ultimately a place of eternal destruction—not torment. This is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the modern debate over “annhilationism” and the doctrine of hell.
  • The Other Side of the Good News – by Larry Dixon – 50% off – Dixon’s examination of Jesus’ teachings on hell is a direct rebuttal Edward William Fudge’s The Fire That Consumes. Read both to to get the full picture.

There are over 90 other resources on the End Times, heaven, and hell featured during the eschatology sale. Explore them all now!

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