Delve into 2 Theological Subjects from 2 Top Scholars—Both 50% Off

The Mobile Ed courses Dispensational Hermeneutic of the Bible and A Wesleyan View on the Sacraments give you two theological subjects, from two specific viewpoints, with two top scholars—both at a great price!

You can complete both of these courses in just two and a half hours. That makes them the perfect refresher on what you believe, or a quick, engaging way to understand another viewpoint.

And for a limited time, get up to 50% off each course on top of already low prices!

Mobile Ed: BI117 Dispensational Hermeneutic of the Bible (1.5 hour course) – 40% Off, $33.99
Dispensationalism has many forms—classical, modified, and progressive­—and it can be difficult to keep up with the key differences. More importantly, understanding how each one relates to God’s unfolding work through all of history can take hours of focused study.

This short course from New Testament scholar Darrell Bock takes you beyond mere definitions, succinctly explaining the differences between these different approaches to dispensationalism. You’ll gain an understanding of what dispensationalism is and how to apply that to biblical themes and God’s overall plan of salvation. Because it’s brief, this is a great way to understand the dispensational point of view—even if you aren’t a dispensationalist.

Mobile Ed: TH371 A Wesleyan View on the Sacraments (1 hour course) – 50% Off, $19.99
The Wesleyan view of grace is deeply rooted in Christian teaching and tradition, but with an emphasis on the means of grace—or the activities we participate in that open us up to God. We don’t earn God’s grace, but that doesn’t mean we should be idle. Rather, we make use of works of piety and mercy for the hastening, strengthening, and confirming of our faith.

Dr. Ben Witherington, a Methodist minister and one of the top evangelical scholars in the world, walks you through a Wesleyan understanding of grace and the sacraments. You’ll explore how John and Charles Wesley developed the Wesleyan view of grace and how that impacts the theological understanding of the sacraments. You’ll also examine key passages from Scripture used as a foundation for the sacraments and how, within Wesleyan theology, these transform us and make us more like Christ.


Pre-order Mobile Ed: BI117 Dispensational Hermeneutic of the Bible (1.5 hour course) and Mobile Ed: TH371 A Wesleyan View on the Sacraments (1 hour course) before this deal ends!

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