December’s Free Book: Study Doctrine in Acts

Throughout December, you can download Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible: Acts for free. In Logos’ Free Book of the Month, Jaroslav Pelikan (a well-respected scholar on Christian history) offers an insightful, well-written commentary ideal for pastors and teachers. From the in-depth introduction and theological analysis of Scripture, you can gain new observations of Acts to share with your congregation, small group, or class.

This volume—and the entire the Brazos Theological Commentary series—helps readers focus on biblical themes and doctrines and break away intellectual and spiritual apathy. This excerpt from the introduction provides more explanation of why these are a worthwhile resource for pastors, students, and Bible scholars alike:

This series of biblical commentaries was born out of the conviction that dogma clarifies rather than obscures. Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible advances upon the assumption that the Nicene tradition, in all its diversity and controversy, provides the proper basis for the interpretation of the Bible as Christian Scripture. God the Father Almighty, who sends his only begotten Son to die for us and for our salvation and who raises the crucified Son in the power of the Holy Spirit so that the baptized may be joined in one body—faith in this God with this vocation of love for the world is the lens through to view the heterogeneity and particularity of the biblical texts. Doctrine, then, is not a moldering scrim of antique prejudice obscuring the meaning of the Bible. It is a crucial aspect of the divine pedagogy, a clarifying agent for our minds fogged by self-deceptions, a challenge to our languid intellectual apathy.

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Brazos Theological Commentary on Matthew for $4.99

Princeton Theological Review calls this commentary “a fresh perspective on Matthew that is . . .  insightful, colorful, compelling, and powerful. Well-written, fast-paced, and accessible to laity, (Stanley) Hauerwas delivers thoughtful and thought-provoking conversation between Matthew’s gospel and American culture.”

Hauerwas (who also wrote A Cross-Shattered Christ, The Peaceable Kingdom, and other books) focuses on how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. You’ll find 

  • Current Matthean scholarship
  • Wisdom from scholars and theologians like Augustine, Barth, and Bonhoeffer
  • Biblical guidance on topics like homosexuality, politics, and abortion

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Brazos Theological Commentary on 1 & 2 Kings for $9.99 

Take a fresh look at 1 and 2 Kings alongside leading scholar Peter Leithart, with ample application for preaching and teaching. 

Leithart will certainly provide you with food for thought. . . . You will encounter useful ideas to provoke you in your sermon prep. This intriguing new series will incorporate contributions from a broad spectrum of theological traditions. 

Semper Reformanda

Add this accessible, thorough treatment of the ancient text to your Logos Library for 66% off.

And here’s a nice little Logos hack for you: after you snag all three volumes for under $15, you can get the entire Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible (20 vols.) for less, since you don’t pay twice for the same books.

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