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Day Eleven: Technical Difficulties

Day Eleven saw the Pritchett family off to the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace for another attempt at some education. Despite protests beforehand, the kids paid attention and learned a bit about the presidency and American politics. And we got to see the bulletproof presidential limo.

In the evening we headed over to Faith Community Church, where we found a pretty impressive technical setup with multiple projection screens. The only problem was that my laptop couldn’t “see” the projector over the extra long video cable. It would not switch into projection mode because it did not see the projector. After a bunch of messing around with the help of Faith Community’s great tech team, we discovered that we could go into projection mode using a short cable and my backup projector and then swap the longer cable in without leaving the mode. It all worked just in time.

Tonight is my last presentation before flying home from San Diego tomorrow. Landon Norton, one of our Ministry Relations reps, will be flying in with his family to take the RV on the next leg of its journey around America.

I have really enjoyed being on the road with my family, and it has been fantastic meeting so many people at the evening events. If you are anywhere near San Juan Capistrano, California, I hope you’ll come out and join us tonight at Ocean Hills Church.

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Bob Pritchett
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  • Bob,
    Enjoyed the presentation last night. Good job! Thanks too for lingering to answer all our questions.
    I’m the guy who bought Logos 2.0 Level 4 back in ’94 and has been adding books ever since. I checked my collection this morning and saw that I currently have 666 resources (hmmm…time to add another) from you guys, Thomas Nelson, & Galaxie. Looking through my resources & thinking about which version to upgrade led me toward 2 ideas I wanted to pass on:
    (1) I know your records only go back to 2001 for what users have purchased. On our end, we can backup our licenses to disk. I think you should consider offering to older users like myself the opportunity for us to send you a backup copy of our resource licenses, so that you can update your database, and so that we have protection should our house ever burn down, taking the computer & the backup discs & the original discs with it. :-) It seems like all the pieces are already in place for you to integrate this in, and bring your database more current. Admittedly, this would also help/encourage old-time users like me because then we would see more accurate upgrade pricing based on the actual books we have in our collections.
    (2) With the ever larger collections you guys are publishing, it’d be very useful to have a report in Logos that compares our resource licenses with the resources actually available on the drive, and then generates a report that only shows those resources (& their disc locations) that are unlocked but unavailable because they haven’t been copied onto the hard drive. I ask this because I think I’m typical in only copying onto my hard drive the resources that I want at the time I purchase the collection. But sometimes my desires/needs change over time, and I’m consigned to skimming through hundreds of books in the Bibliography report, looking to see which few books do not list a location on my hard drive.
    Thanks for hearing me out on these things, and thanks again for the great presentation last night. I’m looking forward to utiliizing the new features in 3.0

Written by Bob Pritchett