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D.A. Carson Recommends: 4 Books on Biblical Theology (On Sale Now!)

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Each volume in NSBT explores an important biblical theme, tracing its development across a biblical book, biblical writer’s work, or the entire canon of Scripture. When series editor D.A. Carson wrote his preface for the series, he included a few personal comments about each volume. A few years ago, The Gospel Coalition collected all of his comments on individual NSBT volumes in a single place. Here are four NSBT recommendations based on Carson’s praise for these scholarly works.

Christ Our Righteousness

Although its proponents have been writing and debating for decades, the New Perspective on Paul continues to generate controversy. In Christ Our Righteousness, Dr. Mark Seifrid argues that New Perspective proponents have added much to Pauline studies, but their diverse scholarship “converge[s] in several ill-judged errors that touch something central in Christian thought: how men and women may be right with God.”

Dr. Seifrid’s monograph is an excellent introduction to the New Perspective, but its usefulness is not limited to the novice. D.A. Carson commends this work when he says, “Dr. Seifrid would be the first to acknowledge that in some ways this is an introductory essay, a survey of the whole. Detailed exegesis and reflection belong to other volumes. But it is this holistic vision that makes this book so powerful.”

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Salvation to the Ends of the Earth

In the last decade, there has been a resurgence of interest in “mission” as the interpretive key for understanding God’s purpose for the church. Entire movements have been formed to reorient local churches according to the principle that God intends to bring glory to himself by bringing “salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Tracing this theme across the entirety of Scripture is paramount to understanding its enormous influence. According to Carson, authors Andreas Köstenberger and Peter O’Brien “have written a biblical theology of mission that listens carefully to the biblical texts, and follows the Bible’s ‘story line’ without flattening the diverse emphases of the various biblical books. Here is scholarship that matters: careful and even-handed, yet of transforming significance for all Christians serious about the mission of the church of Jesus Christ.”

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Adopted into God’s Family

One of the most precious doctrines of the Christian life is often overshadowed by other important theological issues like justification, incarnation, and sanctification. But studying the doctrine of adoption is no esoteric academic pursuit; much like understanding how we become right with God (justification) or grow in his grace (sanctification) has a profound impact on the way we live every day, so a solid understanding of the doctrine of adoption can transform how we understand our relationship with God our father.

In his preface to Adopted into God’s Family, D.A. Carson points out that throughout Paul’s writings, the Apostle explicitly states that we have been adopted into God’s family. “Not only the importance of God’s family but also the enormous privilege of belonging to it are powerfully underscored by Paul’s understanding of what it means to be the adopted sons of God. With such themes in view, a wide array of pastoral implications soon springs to light. In other words, this volume not only probes a neglected theme—it also edifies.”

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The God Who Became Human

According to D.A. Carson, if you were to pick up the typical book on the incarnation, you might think that the concept began at the first Christmas. In fact, theological strands connect New Testament verses concerning the God-Man to other passages throughout Scripture. Nevertheless, relatively little scholarship has covered this biblical-theological theme. “Although considerable effort in biblical theology has been devoted to such messianic themes as the Davidic monarch, the priesthood, and the temple, relatively little has been devoted to the incarnation.”

Dr. Graham Cole’s The God Who Became Human changes that. Cole scours Scripture for the development of this concept across both testaments, with thrilling results. As Carson says, “It is immensely satisfying to find an able systematician wrestling with the biblical texts—as it is to find biblical scholars tracing the lines from exegesis towards biblical and systematic theology—not least on a topic as central to Christian faith as this one.”

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