. Customize Your Desktop to Fit Your Workflow

Customize Your Desktop to Fit Your Workflow

When you start working in your new software, you’ll want to gather the tools and books you frequently use so you can keep them right at your fingertips. Since these are the resources you rely on for new insights and discoveries, you’ll always want them close at hand.

Track down your favorite tools and resources, then save them so you can quickly retrieve them without any hassle. The best way to do this is creating custom layouts.

Your software should fit your study, and layouts let you set your workspace exactly how you need it. Once you’ve created your layouts, you can jump right in and work efficiently, regardless of the task at hand.

With layouts, you’ll always be organized. When you first sit down to work, you won’t have to spend valuable time gathering individual resources. Plus, with a consistent, familiar workspace, you can stay focused on your studies rather than constantly rearranging your desktop to get the tools you need.

Check out this helpful tutorial where Todd, one of our Logos pros, walks you through layout creation:

Layouts can be as basic or as complex as you’d like—you can combine Logos 6 guides, Bible translations, commentaries, and more in the arrangement that makes the most sense for you.

You can also easily toggle between layouts created for different projects and types of study at any time. It’ll only take seconds to quickly transition from sermon prep to exegetical work to personal study. Your layouts are always readily available, so you can return to your presets whenever you’d like.

What’s your favorite layout? Share it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #Logos6, and see what others are doing, too!

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If you don’t yet have Logos 6, get it now! You can choose your perfect base package at Logos.com/BasePackages, or give us a call at 800-875-6467.

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Pam Bauthues
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    • Hi Abram—thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately the functionality to open multiple layouts isn’t currently supported. If it’s something you’d like to see in the future, feel free to drop us a note in our community forums (community.logos.com) and start a discussion.

  • That’s a very nice layout he describes. Is it possible to download layouts just as we do other Logos items? He goes through it fairly fast, as he must. I would need to watch a few times to get it down. It would be nice if we just download the layout and pop it into our Logos. In fact, others may have layouts they’d like to share.

    • Hi Gregory—right now you can’t directly share and download layouts, but there are a few ways to replicate others’ setups:

      1. Send a screenshot showing individual resources and their placement. Once you have an image, it’s easy to open each resource and place them accordingly, using the screenshot as a diagram (you can do the same with a still screenshot from the video).

      2. Share links to individual resources. You can actually send links to the exact spot in each resource—pretty cool! Just open the resource, click the resource panel menu (the book cover or the tool’s icon), and next to “Copy location as” click “URL.” This will automatically copy the link. Just paste copied links in your “Command” bar (in the top middle of your software), hit enter, and the resource will open to that exact spot. You can do this for resources, guides, or searches.

      Hope that helps!

Written by Pam Bauthues