. How to Copy–Paste Bible Text from Logos without Leaving Your Word Processor

How to Copy–Paste Bible Text from Logos without Leaving Your Word Processor

After more than a year as a Logos Pro, I’m still occasionally surprised to discover things I never knew Logos could do.

I already knew about the Copy Bible Verses tool in Logos. I use it so regularly that I made a shortcut to it in my menu bar:


But I just learned that you can use Logos to insert Bible text while you’re in other apps—pretty much anything with a text field.

There are two ways to do this.

1. Pop-up window

While you’re happily typing away in a word processor, you can call up a pop-up Copy Bible Verses window, copy Bible text in any number of formats, and paste it right into your document.


This works “out of the box” in Windows. Just hit Ctrl+Alt+B.

On a Mac you have to enable the appropriate “service.” Just click the name of your word-processing app in the menu bar, select the “Services” menu, and click “Services Preferences. . .” Then make sure “Open Copy Bible Verses (Logos)” is selected (and while you’re at it, enable the other service we’ll use in the next method, “Replace with Passage (Logos)”). Advanced users can alter the keyboard shortcuts here if they so choose.


2. Select a reference and use a keyboard shortcut

The second way to insert verse text into your word-processor without switching to the Logos app is only available for Mac. As long as you’ve enabled the right service (see previous point), you can type a reference, select it, and hit a keyboard shortcut (⌘⇧E) to replace it with the relevant verse text from your preferred Bible:


I don’t know about you, but—wait, I do know about you. You are like me, or you wouldn’t have read this far. You copy Bible passages into word processors all the time. It’s a chore, or was.

That is all. You can get back to your Bible study now.

P.S. Of course, neither of these methods is as easy as Sermon Editor. Just type a reference on its own line and hit enter:


mark ward
Mark L. Ward, Jr. received his PhD from Bob Jones University in 2012; he now serves the church as a Logos Pro. He is the author of multiple high school Bible textbooks, including Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption.


If you use Logos, you know how powerful and helpful it can be for Bible study, sermon prep, and spiritual growth. And if you haven’t upgraded to Logos 7 yet, visit our website or call 888-875-9491 to get a personalized upgrade recommendation today.

Written by
Mark Ward

Christian, husband, father, writer, ultimate frisbee player when possible.

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  • I’m glad this utility is back. It was present in some earlier logos versions, but then it went away. I note the must have logos open thing. I’ll have to play with this to tweak it to my satisfaction. For several years now, I’ve continued to use WordSearch Bible, just for their ZipScript utility, because the quick & dirty copy/paste into my word processor went away in Logos. I’m glad it’s back.

    Maybe the Logos suggestion box does work!

    • I use the ZipScript from WORDsearch Bible also. I’m experiencing a problem with the Logos Copy bible Verse feature on just the laptop. When I hit copy only and manually paste the verse(s) into Office 2016, it works fine. When I hit “copy/paste,” then Office 2016 opens another window, which shows an unlicensed non-commercial edition. Microsoft Tech Support remoted to my computer and said that it was fine, and that there was only one valid copy of Office 2016 on my computer. So, I end up using ZipScript, which is very convenient and easy.

  • I really appreciate this blog. You have just made life a little bit easier. Thanks. The only thing I have trouble with is the “Replace with Passage” doesn’t work in Pages although it does in TextEdit on the Mac. What gives? Did I do something wrong or is it a bug? Help, I rarely use Textedit and am a Pages junkie.

    • Ouch. What services are available in Pages? This is almost certainly not something to do with Logos but with Pages. It’s up to Pages, as I understand it, to enable certain kinds of services. This may seem silly, but it still ends up being faster than mouse-clicking: I sometimes leave a TextEdit window open for the sole purpose of copying Bible verses if, as with Google Docs and apparently Pages, I can’t use Logos services.

    • Pages might already be using that particular keystroke shortcut. To test it, highlight the reference and instead of using the keyboard shortcut, right click and select “replace with passage” under the services menu that pops up. If that works then it’s just an issue with the shortcut being assigned to something already in pages… so the keystroke shortcut won’t work but the right-click access will work. Hope that helps.

      • Titus,

        You are the man. That is exactly what the problem was. That hot-key has already been assigned in Pages however the service appears on the context window. So now how do I change the hot-key to something else that Pages does not have assigned?

        Guys you are a blessing. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround.

    • Gentlemen all is well. I figured out how to reassign the keyboard shortcut in the service area. If anybody else needs to do it follow these steps. (1) Goto System Preferences, Keyboard and Shortcuts. (2) Click Services in the left side window. (3) Find the Service you want to change in my case it was “Replace with Passage (Logos)”. (4) Double-click the shortcut key sequence and it should turn blue or highlight. (5) Touch and hold the keys you want to assign until the key sequence is confirmed. (6) Close the Pages app if you have not already do so and check your work. If it still does not work try another key sequence. I had to do it a couple of times because the other key sequences I wanted were already reserved. (7) I chose COMMAND-SHIFT-N for the record and it works fine.

      Blessings to you.

  • Hi Mark!

    These shortcuts are awesome – I’ve used this with OneNote for many years. As a Windows user I had to come up with an alternative to the “service” thing that Mac users have. It can be somewhat replicated using a tool called AutoHotKey and a couple of scripts I wrote for it. They function in a very similar manner. One acts just like the Mac service (I map it to the Windows Key-V combination), and the other (Windows Key-B) brings up the pop up (that pops up from the Ctrl-Alt-B) to allow me to select which version of Bible to use. If anyone is interested I can post these very simple scripts for AutoHotKey here.

    God Bless you!

    • Very cool! I’m interested—I love AutoHotkey. And though I do my daily work on a Mac (my foray into Windows recently didn’t last long—I just have too many utilities I rely on in Mac OS X), I keep my AutoHotkey script around in case I ever have to do some computing on a Windows machine.

      • Cool – I’m glad you’re familiar with AHK. :) Drop the below into whatever AHK files you’ve already got. Formatting kind of gets messed up in this web interface. Below are my two AHK scripts – they do require Logos to be running, and of course for AutoHotKey to be installed and the scripts loaded.

        Essentially this script maps the WinKey-B to take your already highlighted verse(s) and open up the Copy Bible Verses dialog and pastes those verses in and waits for you to click on the “Copy” button. This allows you to select which Bible version you’d like to use instead of automatically using the last version you’ve used.

        ; Use Logos global copy to paste in highlighted verse reference
        ; Script will take highlighted verses, copy them to the clipboard and then open up the Logos verse copy function and paste in the verse.
        ; It will then wait for the user to click on the "Copy" button. Once that is done it will paste it into program from which the user initiated the shortcut.
        #b:: ; <-- Map shortcut to WindowsKey-B key combination
        WinGetActiveTitle, CopyToWindow
        clipboard = ; clear clipboard
        Sleep 120
        Send, ^c ; copy highlighted text to clipboard
        Sleep 120
        clipboard = %clipboard% ; strip off leading and trailing spaces (which was causing Logos to not find reference if trailing spaces present)
        Send ^!b ; send to initiate Logos verse copy activation
        Sleep 620
        SendInput, {Backspace}
        SendInput, ^v
        SendInput, {Enter}
        Sleep 120
        clipboard = ; clear clipboard in prep of below waiting
        ClipWait, ; wait until user has made modifications and copied to clipboard
        Sleep 620
        SendInput, !{F4} ; close copy verses window
        Sleep 500
        WinMinimize, Logos Bible Software
        SetTitleMatchMode, 3
        SetTitleMatchMode, slow
        WinActivate, CopyToWindow
        Sleep 400
        Send, ^v ; paste verse(s) into user's document
        Sleep 220

        The below script maps to WinKey-V, and will take the verses you’ve already highlighted, then auto-magically open up the Copy Bible Verses dialog, drop in your selection, and then paste it into whatever document/editor you’re using.

        ; Use Logos global copy shortcut (which is ) to paste in a highlighted verse reference (Logos must be running)
        #v:: ; <-- Map AHK shortcut to WindowsKey-V
        CoordMode, Mouse, Client
        WinGetActiveTitle, CopyToWindow
        Send, ^c
        Sleep 120
        clipboard = %clipboard% ; strip off leading and trailing spaces (which was causing Logos to not find reference if trailing spaces present)
        Send ^!b
        Sleep 620
        SendInput, {Backspace}
        SendInput, ^v
        SendInput, {Enter}
        Sleep 120
        Click 1720, 245 ; Mouse coordinates that work on 4k XPS 15 screen; other users will need to modify to match their screen resolution.
        Sleep 620
        SendInput, !{F4} ; Close copy verses window
        Sleep 500
        WinMinimize, Logos Bible Software
        SetTitleMatchMode, 3
        SetTitleMatchMode, slow
        WinActivate, CopyToWindow
        Sleep 400
        Send, ^v ; paste verse(s) into user's document.
        Sleep 220

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your AHK scripts. I tried the first, but it doesn’t work for me. I suppose that this is not surprising since the Ctrl+Alt+B didn’t work either. I use Zotero for bibliographic management, and Ctrl+Alt+B activates that instead.

      So, either way, I can’t get the pop-up to work. I wonder if there is there another way to use it or configure it using other hotkeys, since I can’t reconfigure Zotero.

      By the way, I found another way of using the standard copy Bible verses in Microsoft Word (on Windows). It is to select the reference in the Word doc, then press Shift+F10, A, B. This will get to the copy Bible verses window. Then I press Tab, Tab, Tab and Return to paste the text into Word (the 3 x tab sequence seems dependent on where the focus is in Logos, but it always works for me). I know it involves several keystrokes, but it avoids having to grab the mouse and click here and there. (I discovered the Shift+F10 which activates the right-click context menu by accident.) I’ll have to stick with this set of keystrokes for the moment, it seems.

  • I’ve used WordSearch’s ZipScript — it works even with that program closed. I’m able to choose a preferred translation, too. Can Logos’ Scripture-copy-past feature be tweaked to work with the program still closed?

    • Why would any Logos user want to shut the program down?! =) I keep it open all the time.

      No, seriously, as far as I know, there are no plans to make a separate verse-copying app that runs even when the main app is closed.

      • That was the way Logos used to work. It could copy & paste even with the program closed. But I think that went away about Logos 3 or 4.

  • I cannot get this to work. With Word and Logos open, Ctrl-Alt-B does nothing. In Word, I can go to File, options, Add-Ins and can see the Logos L4Smrtg.dll listed. I don’t know if that is what is supposed to make this work. As far as I can tell, Ctrl-Alt-B is not assigned to anything. Running Windows 10 and Logos 7. Any advice available? I had this ability years ago with previous versions and would like to get it back. Have had several hard drives and re-installs since that time.

    • This sounds like a job for Customer Service, I’m afraid: 1-800-875-6467. Please let the rest of us know what if any solution you come up with.

    • Strange. I didn’t do “anything” to my Word settings and once I opened Logos 7, then I opened Word to a new document, pressed CTL-ALT-B and then the Copy Bible Verses Windows opened up promptly. I typed in a passage, clicked on Copy and Paste, and it was there in my Word document.

      I’m using Word Professional 2013, if that makes a difference.
      I’m also using Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update, if that makes a difference.

  • My preferred way to copy a Bible text is just type the reference, such as, John 3 16. Right click on it. Select additional options and you have several choices including copying the verse in your Word document. You do have to have Logos open. The Bible version will be the one you select as you default version. I am using Windows 10 with Office 2013 in Logos 7. This has been working for years. Logos techs can help you figure out how to do it if you need help.

  • Mark, stuff like this is absolutely invaluable to me. Thanks so much for posting these tips and tricks. My workflow has gotten much more streamlined since following your blog here. Keep it up brother!

  • I have Logos 6 Gold and love it. I recently switched over to Logos 7 and it is great, but it seems the sermon editor does not come automatically over to Logs 7 with an old Logos 6 Gold package? Is it possible to buy it separately?

  • I’ve been using Logos since v2. And I’ve been using MS Word since ’94. Before I used Logos, I used BibleSoft and this trick was available with BibleSoft. Because I never new the trick was available in Logos, I’ve never used it. WOW! This is nice. One question, however: When I close the popup window, the Logos program goes from being minimized and in the tray to overlaying my Word document. I need to either (re-) minimize the Logos main window (I’ve already closed to passage window), or I need to tap the Word icon in the tray. Granted, no big deal, but it does interfere with the work flow. Is there anyway to prohibit the Logos program window from moving from minimized to opening and overlaying my Word document?

    • I recently spoke with our top user-experience guru here, and for right now I’m afraid the best thing I can tell you is Alt+Tab—have you ever used that shortcut to switch apps?

      • Mark, thanks for your response. Yes, I have used it, although not routinely. it’s just that the un-minimizing causes a break in the work flow.

        Anyway, thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Thomas,

      The second AutoHotKey script above should do what you want… I ran into that same annoyance, which is what motivated me to create the script.

      • Albert, thanks so much for telling me about AutoHotKey. I had never heard of it. Back in the DOS days, I wrote a number of batch programs which I then ran through a batch compiler. That save a lot of time and trouble.

        I have installed AutoHotKey with the program icon on my desktop. However, I have run into two problems: 1) when I load it, I get this error: Script file not found: “C:\Users\Help\Documents\AutoHotkey.ahk”. 2) The documentation indicates to write a script, right click the desktop. Select new, the select “AutoHotkey Script”. However, that selection is not showing up.

        Any suggestions?

        • Hi Thomas,

          My apologies for a late response, has been a busy couple of days. AutoHotKey does seem to have some quirkiness in getting things going at times.

          If you’re not seeing the “AutoHotKey Script” in the Right Click on desktop->New step, then it seems like it didn’t install correctly. I’m running Windows 10 with the latest update (Anniversary Edition), but previously was using Windows 8.1 so I can say that it WILL run once you’ve gotten the kinks worked out of it.

          I’d suggest uninstalling what you’ve got installed so far, and re-install using the latest version available here: https://autohotkey.com/download/ahk-install.exe

          Try doing a re-installation, and take a look at the below two links for other help… I will try to take a closer look on another system I have to see if I can replicate what you’re seeing, and come up with better suggestions.


  • I’ve always used the right click feature after selecting my text. This is so much better, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it even after owning Logos for over ten years! Thanks Mark for the great tips.

  • Is there any way to ‘paste and match style’ on mac? I find that it breaks my outlining.

    Also, is there a format that does a soft line break instead of a hard paragraph? Like a shift+enter (Also to do with outlining)

    • Yes, there are several ways to do this. The main one would be to hit “Copy” rather than “Copy and Paste,” and then to paste using a keyboard shortcut that 1) strips out formatting and 2) then pastes. I personally use Alfred for this, and I have that keyboard shortcut mapped to ⇧⌘V. But it looks like there’s a Mac app that will do this for you.

      Does that make sense?

      • Thanks. The one I am really wanting to get to work is the replace reference service, and I think I found a more basic solution that will work for me in Pages.

        If I just add a space at the beginning of the line before I type the reference, it pastes the reference inline with that point (instead of breaking that formatting), pastes the verse text on the next line – unindented out of the outline, but then the last line break starts the next point back in step with the outline formatting. So verses will be the only thing not indented, but that is fine.


  • I need a good, explanatory, rah-rah commercial for the sermon editor. I’ve been using Word for—ever and preach from a script. Is there a place where I can see how the sermon editor will help me?

  • I may be missing something here, but there seems to be something missing in the Logos 7 version of “Copy Bible Verses”. There used to be a hot-key assigned to the “Copy” button (in windows – Alt-C), and there is no longer a hot-key assigned. I used to use the Ctrl-Alt-B to open the copy passage window, then use Alt-C, then Alt-Tab back to Word and then run a macro I have in Word that formats the Bible verse the way I want it to look in Word. Is there any way to beg the software guys to restore the hotkey for the “Copy” button?

  • I cannot get replace with passage to work on Mac and Office 2016. Nothing happens after the command.

      • I did activate the services. Everything checks out. It works for command, shift J, just not the other hotkey command.

          • Contacted Logos support. Still can’t get Word 2016 to work replace with passage command. Customer Service says the issue is with Word 2016.

            Seems to me something needs to go out saying this function does not work so others will not send valuable time trying to get this to work!

          • I’m really sorry to hear this. Do you have a nerdy friend nearby, perchance, who can take a look? Sometimes even the best customer service representative can only do so much without seeing your screen.

  • for some reason this is not working for me. i’m using microsoft word on my mac. i followed directions and when i hit hotkeys it centered the (John 3:16). can someone help me please?

  • Thanks for the tip. Should this work in Excel (Mac 2011)? I am have trouble highlighting the reference and it pasting the text. It is working in Word but not in Excel. Thanks!

  • Thank you – this is a tremendous help to me – BUT, I’m using several translations on my MacBook – when copying, I always get the same translations – how can I change the translation from where the text is copied – PLEASE!

    • ⌘⇧E will give you your preferred Bible, which you can change on your home page. ⌘⇧J, however, will give you the option to choose which translation you want. Here’s how you can get to that preferred Bible chooser if you don’t see it on your home page:

  • Thanks for the info! I do a lot of writing for the class I teach at my church. I use a Mac and the first method works swimmingly (I never thought I would use that word in this context, it’s gonna be a great day) However, the second method using a shortcut key does not work. Any idea for what I am doing wrong?

    • It’s a little tough without looking over your shoulder (you’re welcome to submit a brief screencast if you know how to do that), but are you certain you installed both services?

Written by Mark Ward