Celebrate 25 Years of Logos with $25 to Spend on Logos.com

The first copy of Logos Bible Software shipped 25 years ago. There wasn’t much fanfare when that first batch was dropped into the mail: just a few hand-stuffed manila envelopes that found their way to the right people.

If it wasn’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be here to serve you today. Like you, we’re passionate about the Bible, and your commitment to God’s Word serves as a daily example to all of us here at Faithlife.

As a thank you for letting us serve you for all these years, we’re giving you $25 to spend on Logos.com. Just use coupon code 25YEAR. But hurry: this offer is only available until March 1.

How you spend your $25 is up to you, but here are a few recommendations based on what’s popular with you, our customers:

The Life Application Bible Commentary (17 vols.)

labcThe Life Application Bible Commentary series is ideal for personal Bible study, small groups, classes, and sermon preparation. Written by the team that designed and produced the Life Application Bible, this commentary series is exegetically accurate, theologically sound, and intensely practical.

See all 25 resources now.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 vols.)

bible-knowledgeThis concise yet thorough commentary is a verse-by-verse, phrase-by-phrase walk through the entire Bible. Understand problem passages, resolve alleged discrepancies, and get piercing insight on the customs, geographical locations, and key words of Scripture.

You can use your $25 save on this and 24 other resources. See them all now.

Paul and the Faithfulness of God (2 vols.)

paulThis is the magnum opus of celebrated Pauline scholar N.T. Wright, and the fourth part of his Christian Origins and the Question of God series. Wright explores Paul’s worldview and theology in light of Second Temple Judaism. Though some may find Wright’s views controversial, this collection is essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in Paul and his continuing relevance for today.

Explore all 25 resources now.

Biblical Counseling Collection (27 vols.)

counselingIncluding works from 21 different authors including Jay Adams, Steve Farrar, Elizabeth George, Jerry Bridges, and Lou Priolo, this collection is the perfect boost to your counseling library. Find informative studies on general Christian counseling, as well as focused works on women’s and men’s counseling needs, counseling victims of sexual abuse, eating and diet issues, dating, anger issues, and developing a deeper walk with God.

Save $25 now.


Throughout 2017, we plan to rollout a few more thank yous—small tokens acknowledging the big ways you’ve helped us get this far. Keep an eye out for what we have planned, and don’t miss your chance to save $25. This offer expires on March 1.

Written by
Tyler Smith
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  • Thank you very much. Your thankyou gift has enabled me to purchase books that I wouldn’t have been able to purchase for quite a time.

  • I would liked rather have $25 to spend on resources I need, for me to spend greater that $50 for books I don’t need or want would be foolish for me because my income is limited. Also, I already own the better items posted so thank you, but NO THANKS

    Now if you were really passionate about your customers and would like to show us how much you appreciate our support of Logos Bible Software, how about a small token of acknowledgement on our BIRTHDAYS or a really free small token of $25 to be spend as we choose. That would really show us your appreciation you have for us with sticking with you.

    Like I said, keep your small token, I don’t like the carrot it’s tied to.

    • Thanks Tyler,
      I wish that I had know about piece of information 8yrs ago

      Thanks Again Much Appreciated.

    • HI, Jay. You have expressed my thoughts better than I could have. I have been through the offer and already have the resources that I need from this list. I agree with you that the offer should have been available for use on any product. So here we have another offer tied to resources that are of no use to me. Just like the Charismatic/Pentecostal libraries that don’t include any Charismatic or Pentecostal resources. Logos’ emphasis on the Evangelical/ Reformed traditions makes life a little tough for us undergrad students in Pentecostal theology.

      • Good news: we’ve decided to expand the offer so you can use your coupon code to get $25 off anything on Logos.com. Just use coupon code 25YEAR.

  • I just realized that this offer switches „dynamic pricing“ off, so the resources are more expensive than without this offer. The Academic discounts are also disregarded.

    • Hi, Sandro. I wasn’t able to duplicate this error. If you’re still experiencing problems, contact Customer Support at 800-875-6467.

    • I think I may be seeing this as well. The book “Light” is listed as being on sale for $24.95 on the resource page. It keeps the 24.95 price in the cart until I apply the 25th anniversary code, then it goes to retail price and subtracts $25, leaving a 19.95 cost at checkout.

      • Hi, Frank. We resolved this issue. Just use coupon code 25YEAR and it will take $25 off your entire cart. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Hi, Sandro. We resolved this issue. Now you can just use coupon code 25YEAR to get $25 off your entire cart. Hope that helps!

  • Happy Birthday LOGOS!.

    ..and thank you very much! I was able to pick up the text book for my next class that I will be taking from the “Berean School of the Bible” for next to nothing. You folks are too kind!

  • First, thank you! This is wonderful, Happy Birthday, Logos! Second, thanks, Tyler, for addressing the comments/concerns others have posted! Lastly, a question: is it possible to forward this gift to another Logos user? For example, I’ve a friend about to graduate from seminary, is there a way for me to give him “my” $25, so he could combine it with “his” for $50? Thanks again! God bless!

    • Hi, Lindsay. Unfortunately, there’s no way to pass your discount on to another customer. However, it is possible for you to purchase a specific product for your friend and then transfer the license to them. To set that up, you’ll need to call Customer Support at 800-875-6467. Hope that helps!

Written by Tyler Smith