Get More Than 40% off Tabletalk Magazine


During the 12 Days of Logos, you can save $140 on the Tabletalk Magazine collection. Plus, if you got a resource in this collection as part of our Advent giveaway or $4.99 deals, you’ll get a Dynamic Price, saving you even more!

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Save $100 on 40 Volumes by A.W. Pink

sale on A.W. Pink logos books

During the 12 Days of Logos, you can save $100 on the A.W. Pink Collection. Plus, if you got resources from this collection as part of our Advent giveaway and $4.99 deals, you’ll get a Dynamic Price, saving you nearly $30 more!

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2 Days Left to Save on Mobile Ed Pre-Pubs

Last Chance
The Mobile Ed team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on a number of fantastic courses, just in time for Christmas (we’re also having a Christmas sale). Many of these courses are shipping in two days, which means you can save up to 40% when you pre-order today. Check out the courses below, then scroll down to find our three tips for pre-ordering.

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Merry Christmas: Barth’s Church Dogmatics Is Half Off!

sale on karl barth logos books
During 12 Days of Logos, you can save on some amazing resources. That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like International Critical Commentary Series, volumes by Warren Wiersbe, and new classics like the N.T Wright Collection!

Today, we’re featuring a great deal on Barth’s Church Dogmatics. For a limited time, it’s half the regular price! Plus, if you got resources from this collection as part of our Advent giveaway and $4.99 deals, you’ll get a Dynamic Price!

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Don’t Pass Up These Unprecedented Christmas Deals

Blog Post Image Second Version

It’s Christmas time, and Faithlife is pulling out all the stops to make sure it’s a very merry one! We’re discounting dozens of some of our most popular resources; giving away free books and beautiful art; pulling together 12 deals under $5; and offering a limited-time, monster collection of 500 classic resources priced at a buck a book. You can even get your next Logos 6 base package for 15% off—for the last time ever! Some of these resources are 70–94% off!

Here are a few highlights of some of our most compelling Christmas offers.

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We’re Feeling Very Merry: Get 94% off a 500-Book Library!

Mega Pack deal ends soon

The Mega Pack is no more, but you can still get 90% off a theological library— plus a set of digital tools that will deliver even more insight for your Bible study. Learn more about the huge library and smart tools in our base packages.

This Christmas, experience the joy of building your library with the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition. This bundle includes 500 titles that would cost you $8,000.69 if bought separately. But by getting the titles in this bundle, you can save $7,500.70! That’s 500 books for 500 bucks.

The 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition is a Christmas exclusive, and will be unavailable forever after 11:59pm, December 31.

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The Modern Impact of Abraham Kuyper

487 Kuyper 4

Abraham Kuyper’s influence has been felt throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Netherlands and the Dutch Reformed church. But his legacy had been largely washed away by the churning of history. As modern Christians think through our place in a secular society, Kuyper’s thoughts and wisdom are reemerging. The church today is searching for guidance for how to construct a positive and responsible public theology. Kuyper’s unique insights and vast array of experiences provides us with a model for constructing a culturally engaged Christian witness.

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Now’s the Best Time to Get a Noet Research Library

Get a Noet Research Library and Save

Designed for scholarly research, Noet Research Libraries help you connect to the works of the ages. Plus, for the month of December only, you can get 20% off the research library (or libraries!) of your choice.

See all Research Libraries.

Here are five reasons you should check out Noet Research Libraries.
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Get up to 94% off with These Christmas Deals!

Logos Christmas deals save 94%

This Christmas, we’ve cooked up some awesome deals to help you expand your library. For a limited time, you can enjoy 15% off a Logos 6 base package, save 94% with a 500-book bundle, get up to 50% off any Mobile Ed course, and more! Don’t miss out on this year’s Christmas specials.

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Craig Bartholomew Bridges Scripture and Culture

bridge the gap culture preaching bible

Good contextualization is critical to communicating the message of the Bible. But good contextualization is hard work. It requires intimate knowledge of both Scripture and the audience that you’re trying to reach. In his new book, Excellent Preaching, Craig Bartholomew explains how to preach so that the powerful message of the Bible penetrates the daily lives of your congregation.

To celebrate the launch of this new book, we’ve built a bundle of 15 carefully selected resources to help you bridge the gap between Scripture and culture.

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