The Modern Impact of Abraham Kuyper

487 Kuyper 4

Abraham Kuyper’s influence has been felt throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Netherlands and the Dutch Reformed church. But his legacy had been largely washed away by the churning of history. As modern Christians think through our place in a secular society, Kuyper’s thoughts and wisdom are reemerging. The church today is searching for guidance for how to construct a positive and responsible public theology. Kuyper’s unique insights and vast array of experiences provides us with a model for constructing a culturally engaged Christian witness.

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Designed for scholarly research, Noet Research Libraries help you connect to the works of the ages. Plus, for the month of December only, you can get 20% off the research library (or libraries!) of your choice.

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Here are five reasons you should check out Noet Research Libraries.
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This Christmas, we’ve cooked up some awesome deals to help you expand your library. For a limited time, you can enjoy 15% off a Logos 6 base package, save 94% with a 500-book bundle, get up to 50% off any Mobile Ed course, and more! Don’t miss out on this year’s Christmas specials.

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Craig Bartholomew Bridges Scripture and Culture

bridge the gap culture preaching bible

Good contextualization is critical to communicating the message of the Bible. But good contextualization is hard work. It requires intimate knowledge of both Scripture and the audience that you’re trying to reach. In his new book, Excellent Preaching, Craig Bartholomew explains how to preach so that the powerful message of the Bible penetrates the daily lives of your congregation.

To celebrate the launch of this new book, we’ve built a bundle of 15 carefully selected resources to help you bridge the gap between Scripture and culture.

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We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free book and Await the Wonder of Christ’s advent.

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“I don’t understand. Why would anybody need another base package? I have nearly twelve-hundred resources in my library including a Logos 6 Gold base package. I don’t need another base package.” I was having dinner with a friend when he—knowing I worked for Faithlife—lobbed this objection my way.

I rose to the challenge. “Are you sure?”

“I’m confident.”

“Ok,” I said, “but humor me—tell me a little bit about how you study the Bible.”
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Five Leadership Lessons from Chaplain Ministry

leadership lessons from chaplain ministry

Chaplains come from all walks of life and serve as Christian leaders with spiritual influence. Whether working in hospitals, in the military, or elsewhere, chaplains apply leadership skills to influence people through the gospel and provide those they serve with purpose, direction, and comfort. The role of a chaplain is spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically challenging. Jeff Struecker, retired U.S. Army chaplain and Ranger portrayed in the best-selling book and movie Black Hawk Down, draws from Scripture and his own life experience as he offers training in the new Mobile Ed: Chaplaincy Bundle. Struecker offers five key insights into overcoming obstacles faced by chaplains—and all Christian leaders—today.

Hover over (or tap) the images below to reveal social options and share Jeff’s wisdom with your friends and family.

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Get a free book from Logos Bible SoftwareWe’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free book and Await the Wonder of Christ’s advent.

How Your Logos Library Is Like Facebook

how your logos library is like facebook

Imagine being one of the first people to use Facebook. Without many others to connect with, would the social media company hold any value to you? Probably not.

But add a couple dozen of your close friends to the site, and suddenly you’d probably start to care—at least a little bit. Add another couple dozen coworkers, a few people from your small group, your kids, a hundred or so people from your alma mater, and a few of your favorite companies, and suddenly you’re checking Facebook every day. As more people join Facebook, the site’s value increases, and chances are the value increases exponentially, not linearly, as each additional person joins the site.

Your Logos Library is Like Facebook

The books in your Logos library are interconnected, like friends on Facebook. And the more books you add to your library, the more connections, or links, your library has between books. This causes the value of your books to increase exponentially as you add more. This Christmas season, the most affordable way to add hundreds of books to your library is the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition.

Here’s how the Mega Pack will give you better search results and super-charge your library.

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Get a Free Commentary This December

Christmas has come early this year! It’s only December 1, and already, we’re offering an unbelievable commentary from Westminster John Knox, absolutely free!

Published in 2012, this new volume in the highly acclaimed New Testament Library series reveals the great theological promises of Ephesians while discussing issues of context, authorship, and style.

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