Logos Tech Tip | Open Your Favorite Books with a Click

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Logos saves you time and makes you more efficient by giving you quick access to the resources you use the most in your study. Here are four ways to quickly access your favorite resources: [Read more…]

Learning Logos: Adjust Verse Range in Bible Word Study

adjust search range in logosI was recently assisting a Logos user with his sermon preparation for Luke 19:11–19. The research included examining the Greek lemma sozo in verse 19 and discerning whether it refers to physical or spiritual healing. Locating all occurrences of sozo was part of the study process:

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Logos Tech Tip | Organize, Mark Up, and Visualize Any Passage

Sometimes the best way to understand a passage is to illustrate it. With Canvas, you can drag words or phrases where you want them to create a visual outline of a passage or use a library of shapes to emphasize important aspects. [Read more…]

The Goldilocks Option for Learning Logos

Logos Bible Software comes with all sorts of free training—from hundreds of help articles and training videos to handy tutorial cards that pop up in the desktop app.

And then there’s in-depth training and workshops from Morris Proctor, where you jump off the high dive into what you can do with Logos. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: FREE Discourse Features Webinar

Please read carefully the following sets of sentences.

First these:

  • I like spaghetti.
  • I love pizza.

Now these:

  • Even though I like spaghetti.
  • I love pizza.

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Logos Tech Tip: How to Stop Hunting for Bible References

Have you ever struggled to find where the verse you’re studying is referenced in a lexicon or Bible dictionary? I know I have. Logos makes the process so much easier thanks to the Emphasize Active Reference visual filter [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Copy (Some) Highlighting Styles

logos training post

Here’s a question often presented to me:

I highlight text in my Bibles and books. I then copy/paste the text into a Word doc, but the highlights don’t come over. How can I maintain the highlights in the Word doc?

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Logos Tech Tip: This Is a Time for Lament

This is a time for lament. A time to stop and mourn with those who mourn, to stop and weep with those who weep.

Lamentation is a well-attested biblical genre, an expression of anguish at the individual or communal level. From the prophets of Israel to Jesus of Nazareth, we find examples of lamentation across the pages of Scripture. We see in these deep, heartfelt cries an instinctive plea to the God who hears, the God who sees, the God who has experienced our anguish in his own body. Tragedy, destruction, grief, and pain are all around us. [Read more…]

2 Surefire Ways to Level Up Your Logos—Now Up to 50% Off

Your Logos packs a lot of power, even if you only have Logos Basic. You can obliterate obstacles like not being able to carry your theological library everywhere (and a whole lot more). [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Quickly Find Verses in which Paul Discusses a Topic

logos training post

A Logos user sent this question to me:

I’m studying spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6. What’s the best way to find other places where Paul writes about this subject? [Read more…]