Learning Logos: How to Open Logos on One Computer the Way It Closed on Another

Perhaps like a lot of Logos users, you use your software on multiple computers such as a desktop and laptop. Did you know you can open Logos on one the way you closed it on another?

Let’s take a look at a common scenario: [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: How to Quickly Spot Differences in Gospel Accounts

The Gospels tell the rich story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection from four different perspectives—but discovering the similarities and differences in the Gospel accounts can seem like a hefty task.

With the Parallel Gospel Reader, you can find those similarities and differences quickly. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Report Typos to Logos

As I was recently studying for an upcoming sermon, I came across a misspelled word in a commentary. I quickly reported the typo to the Logos team and resumed my research. A few minutes later, it occurred to me that perhaps some Logos users may not realize how easy it is to report typos. I decided, therefore, to write this short blog describing the process. [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: Study Jacob’s Life Using a Biblical Person Workflow

Jacob bears the unique designation as the only person in the Bible who literally wrestled with God, and this encounter had a far-reaching impact on redemptive history. Most Bible readers know that what happens in Genesis lays the foundation for the rest of Scripture, but it can be a daunting task to see where Jacob’s story is referred to in the rest of the Bible. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: Display Mobile Ed Courses by Subject

A subscriber to mpseminars.com submitted this question to us:

I have purchased numerous Mobile Ed courses. How can I see the various subjects covered in the videos? [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: Follow a Biblical Author’s Train of Thought

The Bible isn’t a collection of inspirational thoughts like pearls on a string. The human authors present logical positions and arguments. One of the most important aspects of Bible study is understanding an author’s line of thinking, and Logos makes this easy with the Propositional Outlines Visual Filter.

With this visual filter, you can see the structure of the text and discover relationships between propositions—the statements (usually sentences) that the author uses to assert something as true. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Change Resource Text Size

A Logos user contacted me with this scenario:

I have changed the Content Scaling to 140% but the text size in NASB is unchanged. Why?

His good observation brings up an important distinction regarding text size in resources: a global setting versus a local setting. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: Free Training Webinar for Layouts

A subscriber to mpseminars.com recently submitted this question:

I like opening the Passage Study Layout from the Go box. The Exegetical Guide, however, is not included in the Layout, so I have to manually open it. Is there a way to include this Guide in the Layout so I don’t have to open it myself each time? [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: Discover What God Says about the Poor with One Search

By Chris Pennington

If you’re like most people, you notice only things that are important to you and miss things that don’t resonate with your life experience. It’s only natural; humans are limited by their humanity, after all.

But what happens when you miss something that’s important to God? What if you’re minimizing something God cares about? Logos Bible Software helps you quickly gather verses on any topic or theme with powerful searches across your library so you’ll always know what God says. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Create a Daily Journal with Notes

I received this question from a MP Seminars subscriber:

I want to use the notes tool as a personal journal. Is there a way to anchor the daily note to the date? [Read more…]