Learning Logos: New to Logos? Start with the Factbook!

If you’re new to Logos Bible Software, you may be wondering where to start your Bible study. With all of the possibilities, should you start with the Home Page? A Guide?  A Workflow? I suggest starting with the Factbook, which quickly provides you with a lot of information plus links to even more Logos features! [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: 2 Unbelievably Simple Tools to Cultivate Spiritual Health

In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero lists 10 characteristics of emotionally unhealthy spirituality, including “Doing for God, instead of being with God.” The sad truth is that we often see good spiritual practices as just things we do, rather than ways of being with God. 

But two easy-to-use Logos features can help. [Read more…]

How to Power Your Sermon Presentation—from the Pulpit

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media

Picture this: you’ve prayerfully completed sermon preparation, and it’s time to share the Word. Your sermon slides are ready, and you’re in the sanctuary. 

Your tablet shows you all your sermon notes and slides—and you control which slides show onscreen when. (No more asking the AV team for “Next slide, please” or losing track of which slide comes next.) [Read more…]

Learning Logos: See Search Results at a Glance with Charts

As I was reading through 1 Corinthians, I came to 2:7, which states in the ESV:

But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Use the New Logos 9 Reading Plans

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media

Our Logos libraries contain a lot of “normal” books (monographs) that we want to read chapter by chapter. In previous versions of Logos, creating reading plans that divided up the sessions into chapters was somewhat challenging. In Logos 9, however, chapter by chapter reading plans are a breeze. [Read more…]

Learning Logos: New Dashboard Card for Upcoming Sermon(s)

If you’re using the Sermon Builder to create your sermons/lessons (which I hope you are), then you’ll really appreciate this new Logos 9.1 feature: a Home Page Dashboard Sermon Card to quickly access your upcoming sermon(s). [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip | Biblical Guidance for Tough Pastoral Issues

After church on Sunday, a man comes up to Pete and pours out the struggles in his marriage. Pete graciously listens for several minutes and suggests that the two of them get together later in the week to talk further while wondering, How can I give this man solid biblical counsel and encouragement?

Can you relate?  [Read more…]

Learning Logos: More Images in the Before and After Interactive

With all of the big new features in Logos—like Sermon Manager and the expanded Factbook—it’s easy to overlook some small but important improvements. One such unheralded feature is the Before and After: Biblical Sites interactive which received numerous new images! This interactive appears in Bronze and above. [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip | Bible Word Searches Made Beautiful—and Shareable

pastor using Logos charts tool

Have you ever run a Bible Search in Logos that returned hundreds of results spread across several pages? It’s hard to process! But with a single click, the Charts Tool in Logos 9* consolidates pages of results into one colorful visual.

For example, the drama of Advent unfolds in Luke 1 with angels repeatedly commanding their hearers, “Do not be afraid.” A search can locate all the places addressing fear, but a chart helps us see a bigger picture and spot trends in the biblical text. At a glance, you can see which book of the Bible addresses this idea the most (you’ll probably be surprised).

While you can run a Bible search for <Sense = to fear>, you can also run this search right from your Bible. (Click here to watch a brief video on Word Senses in Logos.) As you read Luke 1, you’ll see the angelic command not to fear directed both to Zechariah in verse 13 and to Mary in verse 30. Here’s how:

  1. From your preferred Bible, open to Luke 1, and right-click either instance of “afraid” to open the Context menu.
  2. Select the sense to fear from the left side of the menu.
  3. Click Bible in the search section on the right side.

Logos searches the entire Bible for the sense “to fear” and returns 222 results in 156 verses.** That’s a lot of results to scan through, but when you click the Chartsbutton at the top of your search panel, Logos instantly displays your results in an easy-to-read format. Immediately, you’ll see that Isaiah and Luke use the sense “to fear” 27 times, and next in line with 24 mentions is Matthew. 

Choose from various chart styles, including several pictograms with an array of color palettes. You can also adjust the display based on the total number of hits in a book or how often these hits occur. And you can quickly share your chart by clicking Send to in the upper right corner and selecting from the available options.

Run this search in Logos, and click Charts to see it in action.

Or watch this video to learn more about the Charts Tool and see other examples:


*The Charts Tool is available in Logos 9 Starter and up.

**Your numbers may vary depending on which Bible translation you’re searching. The results displayed and discussed here are based on the ESV. 

Learning Logos: Commentaries Guide Section Tweaks in the Logos 9.1 Update

Based on user feedback, one of the most helpful Logos 9 new features is the expanded Commentaries Guide Section, which appears by default in the Passage Guide or can be opened by itself from the Guides menu. In the recently released 9.1 update, this practical section just improved again! Allow me to point out a few tweaks: [Read more…]