Last Chance to Save on Books That Power Your Logos Features

When you invested in Logos, you saved yourself hours of study time by getting instant access to thousands of resources with just a few clicks.

Did you know there’s a way to supercharge Logos even more? It’s through Logos Feature Expansion Collections.

These vast collections of books are specially chosen to give you more results with your favorite Logos features, and they’re on sale for just a few more days.

Collections range from $90.99 on up, but they all have two things in common:

  1. They give your Logos features more to work with, leading to more insights.
  2. They represent the smart way to buy books, because you save by bundling.

Explore the wide array of Logos Feature Expansion Collections now, before the 30% discount ends.

Note: these collections include books to power features, not the features themselves.

Free Logos Bundle: Theology Guide + Survey of Theology

We’re giving systematic theology some love right now at, with a unique offer too good to pass up.

For a limited time, you can try the Logos 8 Theology Guide—a feature exclusive to Logos 8 Silver and up—free until June 17.

It also comes with Lexham Press’ Survey of Theology. Together the tools help you get a quick lay of the land on hundreds of theological topics, and then guide you in digging deeper. And the more systematic theologies you have, the heftier the guide is.

To get access to this bundle, just go here and add Logos 8 Basic to your collection. (You won’t lose any books or features you already own.)

It’s that simple.

You’ll have until June 17 to use the Theology Guide to your heart’s delight, and you can fill it out even more by grabbing systematic theologies on sale—up to 44% off. (The resources stay with you even after the trial ends.)

Featured authors in this theology sale include:

  • Millard Erickson
  • Norman Geisler
  • John Frame
  • Carl F.H. Henry
  • Michael Bird
  • Michael Horton
  • Thomas Oden
  • John Calvin
  • Herman Bavinck
  • And more

There are also several Mobile Ed theology courses available.

Get the Logos Theology Guide and Lexham’s Survey of Theology free, then pack your library with other systematic theologies while the sale lasts.

Jump on these offers.

Own a $10,000 Library for $55 a Month

If you’ve been wanting to invest in Logos Bible Software but were waiting for a big discount, your patience has paid off.

All Logos 8 packages are 20% off for a limited time—all of them.

Here’s the quick rundown on why packages in Logos are such a good investment, and how you can own a library worth more than $10,000 in less than two years by paying just $55 a month.

Get the right library for you

Libraries aren’t one-size-fits-all. Choose from dozens of different libraries based on your needs.

For example:

  • Standard libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • Denomination-specific libraries

Standard libraries

These libraries are for people looking for a well-rounded library representing the best of evangelical and traditional Christian theology. You’ll find respected works such as the Pillar New Testament Commentary series (PNTC), The New American Commentary Series, and loads of Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, devotionals, and sermon outlines.

Academic libraries

These packages are built with academics in mind. (Bonus: if you’re a student, faculty, or academic staff, you can save 30% or more on Logos 8 packages when you enroll in our Academic Discount Program.) These Academic packages contain more scholarly research helps and original language resources than our Standard packages.

Denomination-specific libraries

These packages are specially curated to major on resources in line with your preferred tradition. Denominations and traditions available include:

  • Baptist
  • Methodist & Wesleyan
  • Pentecostal & Charismatic
  • Reformed
  • And more

Take a look at what’s in each library to see which package is the best fit for your ministry.

Get tools for faster, deeper study

Whether you’re a student, Bible teacher, pastor, or missionary, time is of the essence.

One huge benefit of Logos is that all your books stay open right where you left them, so you never lose time getting back into your studies.

But that’s just the beginning. You can also:

  • Launch a Word Study with one click
  • Scroll resources in sync
  • Automatically cite your research
  • Analyze Scripture with interactive visual aids
  • Run searches on just about anything

Plus, Logos 8 comes with exciting new features like the Theology Guide, Workflows, Canvas, and updated Notes for even more streamlined study.

Learn more about the Bible study tools in Logos 8.

Get a giant library now for just $55 down

The packages you can get in Logos are an incredible value—in most cases, you’re saving around 90% when you buy a Logos package compared to building your library book by book.

Even so, we don’t want cost to keep you from getting tools that could have a massive impact on your ministry.

That’s why you can get payment plans on purchases over $100. You can get the leading Bible software for one short-term monthly payment, and then permanently own Logos in less than two years.

And now’s the time to buy, because all Logos 8 packages are 20% off this month.

So let’s say you’re considering Logos 8 Silver. Here’s what a payment plan would look like:

Regular price: $999.99
Price of library if books were bought separately: $10,898
Sale price: $799.99 (20% off this month!)
Due today: $55.14
Monthly payment: $54.99
Last payment date: 15 months from today

Logos payment plans allow you to progressively buy a package interest-free—it’s not a subscription. The only extra you pay is a $5/mo. administrative fee that covers overhead costs. Your payments are set for the length of time you choose, and they only continue if you decide to get more Logos products on payment plans.

Got more payment plan questions? Check out our FAQ, or call one of our resource experts at 800-875-6467.

How to choose the Logos payment plan option

Just follow these brief steps:

  1. Add your favorite Logos 8 package to your cart.
  2. Look at your cart. On the left side, you’ll see payment options.
  3. Choose the monthly payment that fits your budget best, and enter your phone number.
  4. Hit Next, then enter your payment info.
  5. That’s it! Once you’ve made your initial payment, your payments automatically deduct from your account each month. We’ll send a reminder a few days before the payment goes through.

Get Logos 8 today.

How to Make Your Logos Features Work Harder, so You Don’t Have To

Your Bible study used to start with pulling heavy books down from the shelf and combing through volume upon volume to find what you need. That can take hours.

Your Logos Bible Software features turn those hours into seconds.

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Learning Logos: Find Greek Words Translated with an English Word

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2019-04-01-at-9.53.22-AM-3-620x344.png

A college student contacted me with the following scenario:

I’m taking a homiletics course and need to find the Greek words translated “preach” in the New Testament. How can this be accomplished in Logos?

I love questions like this because the answer is in the Logos wheelhouse! [Read more…]

New Testament Nerds Take Notice

This ain’t your grandmother’s New Testament studies collection.

Currently in Pre-Pub is a dynamic collection of New Testament monographs from T&T Clark, the reputable publisher behind the International Critical Commentary, Barth’s Church Dogmatics, and other important works. [Read more…]

How Is the Free Version of Logos Different from the Paid?

Logos 8 Basic is now available for free download.

A feature-light version of Logos 8, Basic is ideal for anyone just beginning their Logos journey.

If you want to jump to the next step up, consider Logos 8 Fundamentals.

Here’s a bit about how the two compare. [Read more…]

The Time Has Come: Logos 8 Launch Discounts End Today

Tonight at midnight the Logos 8 sale disappears—and with it your chance to save 10–25% or more on Logos 8.

Sign in and shop to see your unique discount.

Between the launch celebration discount (10–25%), Dynamic Pricing, and the savings built into all Logos packages, your savings could be huge.

Here are three quick-and-dirty reasons to get Logos 8 before this sale ends: [Read more…]

Reading C.S. Lewis More Deeply with the Courses Tool

It’s been said of C.S. Lewis that talking to him and reading his writings were remarkably similar experiences. When he spoke on topics he’d written on, he was so enthusiastic you’d think he was discovering them for the first time.

The C.S. Lewis courses available in Logos invite us to interact with this man by reading his words, and, in a sense, conversing with him. [Read more…]

Last Week to Save on Logos 8

Shop before February 7 to get a discount on Logos 8. Sign in to see your discount.

The countdown has begun: the Logos 8 launch discount officially ends in a week. You could save 10–40% depending on what you own, so sign in to see your discount.

But hurry, the price goes up on February 8.

In case you missed it, here’s an overview of what’s new to Logos 8:

Step-by-step instructions

In Logos 8, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for every type of Bible study.

Choose your study goal—like personal devotions, sermon prep, or exegesis—and Logos 8 lays out the books and tools to use each step along the way. We don’t just give you what you need, we explain how to use it.

Even if you know the steps you need to take in your Bible study, you’ll appreciate Workflows. You’ll discover books and tools you didn’t even know you had, and perhaps most exciting, you can create your own workflow from scratch. You can even share your expertise by making that workflow public.

Clean, simple organization

From the moment you open Logos 8, you’ll find clear ways to jump right into your Bible study. The redesigned Home Page provides quick links to your favorite workflows, reading plans, layouts, and other resources central to your study.

We’ve improved Notes, making it easier to organize your thoughts and capture insights on a biblical passage or resource.

The same goes for your books and documents. Whether you’re looking for that passage list on prayer you made three years ago or a solid commentary on Romans, you’ll find it in a few clicks thanks to Logos 8’s clean, simple organization.

Theological study made simple

Logos has always been great for studying the Bible. And now it’s great for studying theology, too.

Look up a doctrine like “atonement” and the Theology Guide gives you quick links to relevant Bible passages, excerpts from your systematic theologies, and other key information.

Even better, you get a detailed overview of the doctrine with the new Lexham Survey of Theology. This comprehensive resource covers over 230 theological topics and features contributions from Fred Sanders, Gerald Bray, John Frame, and other theologians.

A new way to visualize biblical truth

Everybody has their favorite way to work the biblical text. Some highlight, others underline and circle, and some take notes. Others go the extra mile and diagram sentences and do detailed outlines of the passage.

Whatever your style, with Canvas in Logos 8, you get a set of easy-to-use tools to help you mark up, outline, and create beautiful images based on Scripture

Deeper Bible study for everyone

Take a look at everything new in Logos 8, and choose your base package or upgrade by February 7 to save. We’re confident Logos 8 will make your Bible study easier and even more rewarding, whether you’ve been studying the Bible in depth for decades or are just getting started.

Sign in to see your discount—only available through February 7 at midnight (PST).