Yes, God Is Love—but Do You Know What It Really Means?

This post is excerpted from Who God Is: Meditations on the Character of Our God by Ben Witherington III.


Something has bothered me for a long time. I’m referring to the fact that even devout Christians seem to place far more emphasis on the adjectives applied to God in the Bible than on the nouns. This is not to say that the adjectives are not vitally important—God is almighty; God is righteous; God is holy; God is merciful; God is compassionate, and so on. But frankly, nouns are more important than adjectives when it comes to the character of any sentient being—whether we are talking about God or angels or human beings. [Read more…]

Resurrection Resources for Any Budget, Now through Easter

Each year as Easter Sunday draws closer, the resurrection is on hearts and minds, and many seek to understand Easter’s significance and depth better. This year, perhaps more than any other in recent history, we need the hope, joy, and peace that focusing on the resurrection brings. [Read more…]

This Simple Fact in Luke 8 about Jesus and Women Is Significant—Here’s Why

The Gospels show us not only who Jesus is but how Jesus loves his people. With International Women’s Day right around the corner (March 8) and Women’s History Month, let’s consider how Jesus moved toward the women in his life with kindness and love. [Read more…]

Why We Should Read Theologians with Whom We Disagree

Reading theologians with similar views is like cozying up next to a fireplace on a winter day in a favorite chair. It feels comfortable. Safe. Those like-minded wise ones become leaders of the tribe with which we belong, the theological clique we ascribe to, find affirmation in, and sometimes form pieces of our identity.      

If I’m honest, it’s where I tend to camp. [Read more…]

Never Take a Verse Out of Context Again with the New Lexham Context Commentary

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media


I have lots of biblical commentaries. Which one do I look at first, and which one do I look at when I’m just quickly checking a cross-reference and want to make sure I’m not missing something?

[Read more…]

Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant?

By Peter J. Leithart

The Church has always taken the Decalogue [Ten Commandments], with modifications, as God’s word to Christians.1 . . . Has the Church been right? Or is this an unfortunate old covenant residue that needs to be purged from the Church? . . .  [Read more…]

Last Chance for 4 Powerhouse CSB Resources under $22

Through the end of January, get the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and companion CSB Study Notes free. (Here are four reasons why.)

But you may not want to stop there since you can get a powerhouse collection of CSB resources for under $22. [Read more…]

J. I. Packer on the Cure for Charlie Brown Syndrome

Beloved Bible scholar J. I. Packer knows weakness firsthand—an accident at age seven left him with lasting injuries. In his book Weakness Is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength (excerpt below), he turns to 2 Corinthians to look at weakness in a biblical way—and helps us reckon with our own weakness. [Read more…]