3 Controversial Questions in Romans Explored (Free Commentary)

William Hendriksen’s commentary on Romans—free this month—explores what he calls in the foreword a “heartwarming book” and in the introduction “a book for every age, including our own.” 

Since the original print version of this commentary came in two volumes, it’s almost like getting two books for free! [Read more…]

If You’re Asking, ‘What Is Advent?’ You’ve Come to the Right Place

Each year as December draws near, many of us commit to finding rest in a season notoriously wrought with materialism, busyness, and exhaustion. We want to focus on what really matters and prepare our hearts and minds to remember the birth of Christ and all that it means for the believer. One way to do this is by celebrating Advent, which for centuries has been tied to the first coming of Christ.  [Read more…]

October’s Free Resource Cracks Open 5 Easily Misunderstood Books

How well do you know the Pentateuch? 

Most Christians don’t make its study a priority—but Professor Peter T. Vogt is an exception. The Pentateuch has been the primary focus throughout his academic career, and that’s clear in October’s free book, Interpreting the Pentateuch: An Exegetical Handbook [Read more…]

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This 2,700+ Volume Digital Theological Library Is Now Open for Seminaries & Bible Colleges

When it comes to excelling in seminary or Bible college, the ability to research well is invaluable. And to do that research well, there’s something else that’s invaluable—a top-notch library. 

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