Had to Abandon Your Seminary Library? Here’s Free Help

Seminaries across the country recently sent students home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Professors scrambled to get lectures and assignments online as students said goodbye and left their friends and classmates behind.  [Read more…]

O Come, Let Us Worship Him: Liturgy in Plague Time

I’ve been praying the sacred liturgy for 70-some years, but it never struck me before as it did this morning—the first Sunday since the coronavirus pandemic and its precautions have swept the nation.

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A Biblical Perspective on Racial Diversity from John Stott

In the late 1970s, British nationalism and racial discrimination were in full swing, and British Christians began to voice their increasing concern.

One way that evangelical leader, John Stott, did this was through his monthly column “Cornerstone” in Christianity Today, written between 1977 and 1981. Those articles covered “a wide spectrum of theological, ethical, cultural, and global issues.”1
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5 Words You’re Probably Not Getting in the Christmas Story

Every Christmas Eve growing up, my father read the Christmas story from Luke 2 in the King James Version.

And every Christmas Eve, I thought I understood it. I largely did. But I now see little things I was missing—through no fault of my own, nor of the KJV translators, but simply because of the inevitable process of language change. The KJV is 400 years old, after all. I now see these little things because I focused hard on them while writing my book, Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible.

Here are five things you might not have noticed you were missing in the Christmas story in Luke 2 in the King James Version. [Read more…]

Douglas Moo: Should Christians Be Environmentalists?

For 40 years, Dr. Douglas Moo has been studying, teaching, and writing about Paul and Romans.

These words from theologian Johann Albrecht Bengel hang on his wall: “Apply yourself wholly to the text. Apply the text wholly to yourself.”

It’s with that spirit he studies and teaches New Testament at Wheaton College.  And that’s why we’re featuring him in this month’s author spotlight[Read more…]