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Think Commentaries Have to Be Pricey? Here’s a Free One

This month, pick up a highly rated commentary on Isaiah for free. (It’s normally nearly $50.)

The author, Shalom Paul, professor and chair of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation, spent over 20 years in study before writing Isaiah 40–66: A Commentary (Eerdmans Critical Commentary). As a result, the commentary delivers clear insights into the biblical text—including background, interpretation, and application.  [Read more…]

Tony Evans Says ‘Get Real with God’: Here’s How

In the much-anticipated CSB Tony Evans Study Bible Notes (now available!), one of today’s most influential church leaders presents biblical truth in a way that reaches through the screen and grabs hold.  [Read more…]

How Many Sermon Ideas Are Hidden in These Underrated Books?

Paul is by far one of the most important figures in the New Testament. His influence has spanned the course of time and has brought much richness and instruction to the lives of God’s people. 

It’s obvious why every Christian should study Paul’s works. But some Pauline Epistles are underrated—and there’s no better time to remedy that. [Read more…]

Free N. T. Wright Book This February

Whether Valentine’s Day makes you smile or groan, one thing is for sure: February’s a prime month to ponder relationships (and not just romantic ones). Focus on the most vital relationship of all with the free book of the month—along with three others for under $17 [Read more…]

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New Books by John Stott and Carl Henry: The Best of Christianity Today

For over 60 years, Christianity Today (CT) has set a high standard in Christian publishing. Covering everything from current events to theological trends, the magazine and its authors have modeled evangelical cultural engagement at its finest.  [Read more…]

Give 1, Get 1 This Christmas: Meaningful Stocking Stuffers

Have you ever bought a gift you wished you could keep for yourself?

Now, you can (while still being generous).  [Read more…]

December’s Free Book: Study Doctrine in Acts

Throughout December, you can download Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible: Acts for free. In Logos’ Free Book of the Month, Jaroslav Pelikan (a well-respected scholar on Christian history) offers an insightful, well-written commentary ideal for pastors and teachers. From the in-depth introduction and theological analysis of Scripture, you can gain new observations of Acts to share with your congregation, small group, or class. [Read more…]