The Passion of Jesus: Are We Falling Asleep Like the Disciples?

In this post, excerpted from the March/April 2017 edition of Bible Study Magazine, John D. Barry discusses the prologue to the passion of Jesus—his anguish in the garden—by considering what the Gospels collectively say about it. By doing so, he offers a fuller picture of just one of the events leading up to the Bible’s darkest moment that concluded with the greatest hope. [Read more…]

Kevin Vanhoozer on the Power of the Christian Story

How does the story of the Bible shape our lives? That’s the topic of conversation on the Bible Study Magazine Podcast.

In the first season, author and Bible Study Magazine writer—and now podcast host—Mark Ward explores why it’s important to really know the story of the Bible. He talks with scholars, pastors, Bible Study Magazine editors, and Logos Bible Software experts. [Read more…]

The Year-Long Gift for Bible Lovers (& It’s under $10)

This Christmas, give the Bible lovers in your life a gift that lasts all year. Every two months, they can walk to their mailbox, shuffle through their mail, and find something that makes them think of you. [Read more…]

Divine Expulsion: When God Sends His People into Exile

Abraham’s Journey from Ur to Canaan
by Josef Molnar, 1850,

By Neal A. Huddleston

The literary genius of the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible—embodies the tangled strands of ancient history.1 The narrator weaves a vibrant tapestry beginning in Genesis with the journey of the first recorded human pair, followed by the patriarchs. The weave picks up in Exodus after generations of Jacob’s descendants first multiplied in Egypt, then moved beyond Egypt’s borders as a national entity. The imagery of Leviticus and Numbers casts this landless people as wilderness wanderers. In Deuteronomy the narrator depicts the Israelite masses dotting the plains of Moab on the cusp of conquest.  [Read more…]

How Can the Differently Abled Shape Our Worship?

Family-style potluck
Image courtesy of Faithlife Media.

Chris looked around the room full of pastors, ministry directors, and administrators, offered thanks and a winsome smile, and began to speak. He wore a T-shirt that read: “Dis·a·bled /ˌdisˈāb(ə)ld/ adjective: equally human.” A second-year seminary student working at the intersection of biblical studies, theology, and disability, Chris had much to offer our staff. 

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Search Logos for Things, Not Words

The following piece is a preview of my regular column in Bible Study Magazine. The tips here will come out in the next issue. If you’re not yet a subscriber to BSM, click here.

Here’s a new skill you may not yet have, a tool you’ll want to stick in your Bible study tool belt as I have done: searching Logos for things rather than for words.

The point of Logos is not gaining some kind of proficiency certificate in the software (we don’t offer those); it’s studying the Bible. When I have a study project or a sermon prep or an article due—or just a personal question—I just want to get to answers quickly. That’s why, as often as I can, I make use of the tagging Logos has done in the Bible to search for things rather than words.
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An Interview with N. T. Wright on Effective Bible Study


“I was a musician before I was a theologian,” says N. T. Wright. “When I look at a piece of music, my mind is making connections between harmonic shifts. I’m seeing the patterns in song. When I’m reading passages, I’m asking, ‘How do the themes crisscross like a symphony?’ ”

Wright has been reading the Bible daily since the age of 12, so it’s no surprise that he has honed an intuitive approach. At age 13, he read the entire book of Revelation in one sitting. “It was like reading a mystery thriller. I didn’t know what it was all about, but I couldn’t put it down.”

As the author of dozens of highly praised resources on theology, Christian living, and Scripture, Wright’s appreciation of Scripture has only grown. And he has some advice for other Christians looking for ways to deepen their own appreciation of the Word.

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J.I. Packer’s Timeless Bible Study Advice

J.I. Packer

Nutritionists everywhere tell us that a well-balanced diet fuels our bodies, yet many of us continue to ignore their advice. The same is true for our Bible study habits.

We know that nourishment for our souls lies in the pages of the Bible, but we are often lazy about maintaining our study routine. However, unlike nutrition, many of us don’t know the key to a well-balanced Bible study diet. Learning the key may be the cure to our problem. Dr. J. I. Packer offers us some pointers.

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