Simple Language for Simple Truth: The Legacy of J. A. Broadus


In the information age, it’s not often that we lose track of history’s most influential people. Archives, blogs, databases, and books direct us to those worth learning from. But sometimes powerful voices get lost in the noise. If you don’t already know about him, J. A. Broadus is one of those influential voices.

“It has been my fortune to hear Beecher and Phillips Brooks, Maclaren, Joseph Parker and Spurgeon, John Hall and Moody, John Clifford and David Lloyd George. At his best and in a congenial atmosphere Broadus was the equal of any man I have ever heard.”
A. T. Robertson, former professor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

During his lifetime, John Albert Broadus was renowned for his passionate, persuasive preaching. To Broadus, every sermon had a purpose. He crafted every word to lead the listener to the plain truths of Scripture. He fervently studied the art of preaching, and took it upon himself to understand the techniques of persuasive public speaking. The result was a beautifully simple style, thanks to which his sermons and writings remain accessible today.

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1. J. A. Broadus Preaching Collection


When Broadus wasn’t preaching, he was teaching about preaching. This collection features three of his influential works on the discipline, including the textbook Michael Duduit called “the most widely used text on preaching ever published.” Through the end of the month, you can learn from this popular nineteenth-century preacher for just $43.95—that’s 27% off!

2. Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

Behind Broadus’ firm advocacy for simply spoken sermons was a passionate reverence for the truth found in the Word of God. With this commentary, you can join the masterful preacher in exploring the authorship, allegorical content, semantic meaning, and authority of the book of Mark. Get Broadus’ commentary in Classic Commentaries and Studies on Mark—the collection is 38% off through the end of March!

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Born 100 Years Ago Today: Leon Lamb Morris

LeonMorrisOne hundred years ago today, a theological powerhouse was born. Leon Lamb Morris poured his life into uncovering the deeper truths of Scripture. David Allan Hubbard (president emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary) said, “Here was a man humble in his discipleship, unimpressed by his own learning, cordial in his friendship. His relaxed attitude toward his accomplishments particularly impressed me.”

Education and the gospel were his life. After teaching science for a short time, Morris was ordained by the Anglican church at 24. He received his ThL from the Australian College of Theology, where he was awarded the Hey Sharp Prize for being Australia’s top ThL candidate. He later received his PhD from Cambridge, where he eventually served as warden of Tyndale House and principal of Ridley College. His academic prowess was paralleled by an equally passionate ministry, including years as a missionary in the Australian outback.

“. . . a legion of Bible students have been convinced of the truth and power of the Gospel by Morris’ scholarship.”
—David Allan Hubbard

Hubbard said that for those who knew him, Morris represented a potent blend of “scholarly acumen, pastoral experience, innate commonsense, [and] keen concern for persons.” He once reminisced, “At heart, administration is the service of people—not the shuffling of paper. At such service Principal Morris excels.”

Experience his legacy

the-new-international-commentary-on-the-new-testamentMorris published over 40 books, including the commentary Christianity Today called “the best commentary on any book of the Bible by an evangelical in recent decades,” The Gospel according to John. Morris spent 10 years working on the volume, which United Evangelical hailed as “a masterpiece of scholarship and readability.”

Morris’ extended treatment of John gives you nearly 900 pages of exposition. You can get this powerful commentary in The New International Commentary on the New Testament. Likewise, Morris’ The First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians is at the forefront of Thessalonian studies; Evangelical Quarterly says it’s “as readable as it is instructive.” Through the end of the month, you can get this invaluable work for 31% off as part of our March sale.

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NIDBIf you don’t already have your hands on a Bible dictionary, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that enhances every biblical resource you own. Have questions about people, places, or theological concepts? With a Bible dictionary, you can get answers from thousands of articles by leading scholars.

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The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible contains 7,100 articles by 900 scholars from over 40 countries. The five-volume resource covers theological topics from A to Z, with 8,400 entries to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And with over 50,000 cross-references, the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible helps you get the most from your other resources, so you can jump right to the things you want to know.

The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible offers Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish perspectives, and covers the gamut of theological trajectories, from conservative to liberal.

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If you need information fast, you don’t have the time to read through every single article on eschatology. In the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, dense articles come introduced by helpful outlines and summaries—you can sort through the articles you don’t need, and dig deeper into the ones you do.

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Save on These 3 New Testament Commentaries

The Bible reaches across the centuries to speak truth into our lives. But the less we know about it, and the less we grapple with the passages that perplex and challenge us, the less we appreciate its life-giving power.

Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective to realize just how near God really is. If you’re looking for some fresh perspective on Scripture, now is a great time to get your hands on a New Testament commentary.

All through March, these three outstanding NT commentary collections are on sale:

1. Kirsopp Lake New Testament Backgrounds Collection

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Generations of Bible students have relied on Kirsopp Lake’s critical treatment of the New Testament. His attention to detail and knowledge of biblical studies make these landmark works invaluable to students of the Bible.

With Lake’s research at your fingertips, you can explore the New Testament behind the scenes:

  • Dig into textual criticism on the New Testament.
  • Study historical evidence of Christ’s resurrection.
  • Explore the history of Mount Athos.
  • Examine notions of immortality in modern religions.
  • Investigate the roots of early Christianity.

TalmudHebraica2. A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica

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John Lightfoot offers a unique commentary that captures the Jewish perspective on the social and cultural context of the New Testament’s people, places, and events. Lightfoot makes full use of the Talmud and other Hebrew and Aramaic literature to provide thorough commentary on the Gospels, Acts, Romans, and 1 Corinthians.

TheGraceNTCom3. The Grace New Testament Commentary

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If you devoted your whole life to studying and teaching Scripture, and spent 20 years working with 13 other biblical scholars, you might be able to produce something akin to The Grace New Testament Commentary. This two-volume, 1,300-page collection provides the church with a complete commentary on the New Testament—one that’s not only accessible, but also affordable. All through March, you can get this valuable commentary on all 27 NT books for the special price of $32.95

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A Library of Western Spirituality: Know the Foundations of Other Traditions

CWSUnderstanding your spiritual roots plays a vital role in defining your identity as a Christian. Understanding the spiritual roots of the world around you is just as vital to evangelism. The writings and teachings that powerfully affect your daily life may not be the ones that touch the person living across the street, sitting at the desk next to you, or even shaking your hand at church.

You only control half the process of communication. When words of love, wisdom, and counsel leave your mouth, they enter the interpretive system of the listener. That’s why it’s so important to understand the foundations of others’ beliefs—whether they’re part of similar traditions or different religions entirely.

And that’s why the Classics of Western Spirituality Bundle is such a powerful resource. It’s an entire library of spiritual writings from multiple faith traditions—poetry, songs, essays, theological treatises, meditations, mystical biographies, philosophical explorations, and more. You’ll get a diverse range of classic works, not only by famous authors like Augustine and Martin Luther but also by lesser-known (but still extremely important) writers like Maximus the Confessor and Moses de León.

Not only does the collection give you everything you need to discover the roots of your own beliefs and delve into their foundational texts—it also helps you find common ground to engage people who ascribe to beliefs you don’t share. You’ll be able to identify the specific differences between Christian traditions, Judaism, Islam, and a variety of Native American religions—knowledge that makes you more effective as an evangelist.

Three valuable collections in one must-have bundle

The Classics of Western Spirituality Bundle gives you three great collections from Paulist Press:

CWS-Pre1. Pre-Reformation Christianity

The Pre-Reformation Christianity collection packs the first 15 centuries of Christian spirituality into 55 volumes of powerful scholarship. From Origen and the postapostolic era to Johannes Tauler and the eve of the Reformation, this collection engages the core texts that led up to one of the most significant spiritual events in history—and deeply impacted the spiritual climate of Christianity for centuries to come.

2. Post-Reformation Christianity

The Post-Reformation Christianity collection offers the defining works from the Reformation through modern Christianity. You’ll find some of the biggest names in Christian theology, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Henry Newman. You’ll also discover some lesser-known gems, like Jeanne Guyon, Miguel de Molinos, and Elisabeth Leseur.

CWS-NonChristian3. Judaism, Islam, and Native American Religions

The 27 volumes in the Judaism, Islam, and Native American Religions collection provide perspective on these important spiritual traditions. For Christians, studying the theological works of people like Fakhruddin Iraqi, Sharafuddin Maneri, and Nachman of Bratslav will both highlight the radical differences between Christianity and other religions and reveal the common ground.

Explore the spiritual landscape of the Western world

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