Why In-Depth Bible Study Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Sometimes, it can feel like you need a seminary education to dig deep in the Word. 

But, thankfully, there’s an easier (and much cheaper) way [Read more…]

5 Quick Tips to Keep Bible-Reading Resolutions

The start of a new year invites us to stop and reflect, doesn’t it? We think about the habits we need to create . . . and the ones we need to leave behind for good. [Read more…]

You Can Do THAT with Canvas in Logos 8?

Canvas is like joining your paper Bible, a whiteboard, and the power of Logos to help you interpret and internalize God’s Word. With Canvas in Logos 8, you can work the biblical text in incredible ways. When you’re done, you can share and save your creation to use as a sermon illustration, small group handout, or even a children’s bulletin. [Read more…]

‘Down-to-Earth, Real-Life Wisdom’: Lexham Press Books Win Christianity Today Awards

Every year, Christianity Today announces their “picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.” That’s a tall order, and it makes the winners well worth looking at.

For 2020, two Lexham Press titles carved out a spot on Christianity Today’s list.  [Read more…]

NEW from N. T. Wright: Big, Bold, Provocative New Testament Survey

At the beginning of the brand-new book The New Testament in Its World, authors N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird ask this question: “How does God’s great drama work, and what part are we called to play in it?”1   [Read more…]