Logos 9 Is Here! See What’s New

Put on your festal robes—the newest version of Logos Bible Software has arrived!

Logos 9 is here with all-new features and resources to take the busywork out of your ministry. Watch the trailer to see what’s new! [Read more…]

3 Reasons We Should Read C. S. Lewis’ Pre-Conversion Poems

In 1919—only a year after World War I—a young atheist named Clive Hamilton published a collection of poems about the material world, the problem of evil, and a longing for who-knows-what. Today, you know Clive Hamilton as C. S. Lewis, and Spirits in Bondage, Lewis’ first published work, gives us a glimpse into the depths of his pre-conversion state.

Maybe you’d ask, “Why would I read C. S. Lewis’ writings from before he became a Christian?” It’s a question I’ve asked too, and here’s what convinced me: [Read more…]

Put on Your Party Hat: the Logos Blog Turns 15 Today

If you scroll way, way back on the Logos blog—all the way back to our very first post—you’ll see that the Logos blog turns 15 years old today. 

Whether you’ve been following the blog since day 1 or you’re a new reader, we’re glad you’re here! The internet is a crowded place, and we don’t take your engagement for granted. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing our posts.  [Read more…]

Free Book from the Award-Winning Author of The Care of Souls

Where do we turn in times of trouble?

Harold L. Senkbeil, longtime Lutheran pastor and award-winning author of The Care of Souls, wants us to remember the God who understands our emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering. [Read more…]

4 Things Lay Leaders Can Do in Logos 8

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media.


A few years ago, I wrote a few segments for a popular Bible study. I loved every little bit of the research and thinking and writing, but I was relying on a stack of books about half my height. The real issue was figuring out which books to pack for a family vacation right before the assignment was due. 

Let me just tell you . . . my current self really wishes she could pass on her Logos knowledge to her past self. I didn’t know how Logos could help me in my role as a church staffer, a ministry volunteer, and a part-time seminary student. [Read more…]

11 Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes on Discipleship and Christian Community

In these fearful, challenging, and sometimes divided times, I wonder what Dietrich Bonhoeffer would say to us. His suffering looked differently than ours, yet he knew the pain of separation from fellow believers. Despite oppression and imprisonment, he remained committed to the Church until his death. [Read more…]

Black History Is Family History

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When you open a book about Church history, what do you expect to find in its pages?

Are you expecting to learn about the history of the creeds and the Great Schism? How about the Reformation and the Puritan emigration to North America? [Read more…]

8 Honest, Powerful Prayers in the Bible

The simplest definition of prayer is talking to God. While that’s certainly true, prayer is also a unique place where we experience the breadth and depth of the Christian life. [Read more…]

Prayers Remembered Centuries Later: Brand-New Book of Puritan Prayers

Who wants to spend more time in prayer next year?

(My guess is that’s everyone.)

Prayer is one of those few things you can do with excellence the first time you do it—and you can still get better at it. But becoming better at prayer is an exercise in humility, learning from others and recognizing your dependence on God. [Read more…]

New Books by John Stott and Carl Henry: The Best of Christianity Today

For over 60 years, Christianity Today (CT) has set a high standard in Christian publishing. Covering everything from current events to theological trends, the magazine and its authors have modeled evangelical cultural engagement at its finest.  [Read more…]