3 Days Left! 7 Reasons That Shouldn’t Stop You from Getting Logos 7

blog-imageIf you’ve been thinking about getting Logos 7, but you’re still on the fence, don’t wait any longer: now is the best time to get it, and on February 7 you might find yourself regretting missing your chance. Introductory discounts end in just 3 days!

But rest assured—here are some answers for seven concerns you may have:

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get 2 Books for $2!

blogimage620x324_last-chanceThrough January 31, you can get the first volume of a highly-esteemed theological resource for free—plus add an in-depth study of Acts for just $1.99!

Get both books today.

Free Book: Bulletin for Biblical Research, vol. 1

Examine biblical studies’ most pressing issues with one of evangelicalism’s preeminent periodicals. With this journal, you’ll get rigorous, cross-denominational scholarship which maintains close fidelity to Christ and his church.

In this first volume, read essays from scholars Darrell Bock, Bruce Chilton, Jacob Neusner and others, on topics including the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22; the signs of faith in the Gospel of John; the significance of Jesus’ favored title, “Son of Man”; and more!

Get vol. 1 free while you can!

$1.99: The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History

When you get January’s free book, you can add Colin Hemer’s celebrated monograph on Acts for just $1.99.

In this refreshing addition to modern scholarship, Hemer examines the book of Acts in relation to its historical and cultural setting. With his careful examinations of various strands of interconnected historical data, you’ll gain a broader understanding of both the Hellenistic world as well as a greater appreciation for Acts as a piece of ancient literature rooted in and deeply influenced by its time.

Get both books for $1.99 now!

Time’s Almost Up to Save on Featured Mobile Ed Courses

blog_mobile-ed_lastchanceThe year is still new, and many of us have made resolutions for 2017. If one of yours is to make Bible study a top priority, we’re here to help! To make it easier for you to stick to your resolution, we’ve pulled together five ways you can dig into the Word more regularly and effectively.

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Best in Show: The Most Popular Products of 2016

blog-image_620x325At Faithlife, our team works hard to create and distribute the best Bible study resources available—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites.

The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of the best resources from 2016—not our picks, but yours. The products featured are the fan favorites: the best-selling, most-wishlisted, highest-rated, most-read resources from 2016. Take a look at last year’s favorites, as determined by you, our excellent customers.

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This Weekend Only: Stream 7,000+ Christian Videos for Free!

blog-header_620x324Have you ever wanted to sit in on a class with Douglas Moo or Darrell Bock? Ever been curious about what it’s like to go on a dig with biblical archaeologists? Ever wished you could tune in to your favorite video streaming service and just find content that’s biblically-centered? This weekend, you can.

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3 Reasons to Take Advantage of the $10-and-under Christmas Deals


This Christmas, we’re encouraging Christians around the globe to look closer at Scripture—to invest the time and effort to really study God’s Word and rediscover its wonder. And to help you do just that, we’ve put dozens of our best resources on sale, so you can take a closer look while getting a great deal. But hurry—the 12 Days of Logos deals end Christmas Eve, and the rest of the deals disappear January 2! Shop all the deals now.

Here are three reasons not to pass up the $10 dollar and under deals.

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Exclusive Deals for Logos Now Members: December Digest

logos-now-membershipEvery month, Logos Now members enjoy exclusive deals on a wide range of products. The categories are always the same, but the actual resources and titles you can save on are always changing.

Here are this month’s limited-time deals, exclusive for Logos Now members only.

Not a Logos Now member yet? Join now and get these exclusive deals today!

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Learn from 5 of Today’s Best Scholars—without Going to Seminary


Right now, over 30 of our newest Mobile Ed courses are on sale for 35% off—which means you can deepen your understanding of the Bible and your faith and save hundreds of dollars while you’re at it.

But you won’t be learning from just anyone; when we invite professors and theologians to film Mobile Ed courses, we choose the best of the best.

Here’s who you could learn from, all for much less than the cost of seminary.

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5 Reasons You Should Get This Month’s Free Book Today!

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As you may have heard, we partnered with Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International to offer the immensely popular Precept Upon Precept® : Philippians absolutely free during the month of November!

Here are 5 reasons you should take advantage of this unprecedented offer right now.

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Everything You Need to Know about Dynamic Pricing

BuildYourLogosLibraryLogos 7 is here, and with Dynamic Pricing you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you read that statement and you’re thinking “Okay, but what is Dynamic Pricing?” then this post is for you. But even if you’re thinking “Yeah I already know about Dynamic Pricing. I just haven’t looked into upgrading yet,” then this post is also for you. Because if you own an earlier version of Logos, you could get started with Logos 7 for a lot less than you might think.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dynamic Pricing, and how it makes upgrading to Logos 7 a very sweet deal.

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