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Christianity Today has been at the forefront of news and analysis from a Christian perspective for over 60 years. And now the most complete digital archive of CT ever assembled is coming to Logos.

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Women Delighting in the Word: Join Elyse Fitzpatrick for a Virtual Conference

How do we delight in reading God’s Word when we find ourselves bored by it? It’s an honest question that we’re oftentimes afraid to ask or even admit to ourselves.

But we all experience days when we find it difficult to enjoy reading our Bibles. We read a passage but the words seem to fall flat. Or we struggle to discover how seemingly obscure passages apply to our lives. On days we do have the desire to read, there’s often an endless list of things to be done, children to care for, or other distractions—or we’re simply to zapped of energy to read anything at all. [Read more…]

How to Have a Library Better than Charles Spurgeon’s

There is no truly original theology.

Piper reads Edwards. Edwards read Calvin. Calvin read Augustine. And Augustine read the early church fathers who read the apostles who read the prophets.

If you’re a student of Scripture, you’re in a school dating back to the earliest scrolls.

The question is, who are your teachers?
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The Truth Found in Communal Words

“The truest and most important things we can ever say are not individual words but communal words.”

People today are flooded with opinions and ideas. And they all might be interesting, but are they true? In an era of individualism, pundits, and social media, it can seem important to form opinions and ideas to remain set apart from the crowd. But are those opinions and ideas built on a solid foundation? Or are they merely echoes of the surrounding culture ?
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This May: Resources to Preach a Christ-Centered Gospel

May’s monthly sale gives you resources to prepare and preach Christ-centered sermons.

Spurgeon once famously said to preach Christ or go home. And the wealth of resources offered in May will build your homiletical skill to communicate the gospel of Christ more effectively through the works of some of the most respected preachers, teachers, and authors of our time. [Read more…]

May Publisher’s Spotlight: 40% off Kregel Publications

Our Publisher’s Spotlight for May is Kregel Publications. Kregel offers solid, evangelical, biblically-based resources to help Christians grow in their knowledge of Christ and serve him more.

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Last Chance: Save Up to 44% in April’s Monthly Sale

Seminary and education can teach many things—how to study Scripture, teach it to others, and apply it to your life, for example. Yet one of the most important jobs of pastors and church leaders can’t be taught in a classroom. How do you care for God’s people in the most difficult times of their lives? How do you convey the peace and hope God gives? [Read more…]

Three Tools to Help You Study and Teach the Bible

Whether you feel confident in your study of the book of Revelation or not, April’s Free Book of the Month, Between the Cross and the Throne, will help you see the beauty of the redemptive-historical narrative of the last book of the Bible.

Follow along as Matthew Emerson guides readers through Revelation’s overarching themes and complex imagery, bringing clarity to some often-misunderstood passages of Scripture. [Read more…]

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A Powerful Commentary on Titus and a Free Book

Though one of the shortest books of the New Testament, Titus is packed with vital instructions on the qualifications of church leaders, the importance of sound doctrine, and how to live a godly life.

In Living Doctrine: The Book of Titus, author Daniel Akin presents a scholarly and exegetical work on the book of Titus with the readability and warmth of a devotional study. For a limited time, when you order Living Doctrine along with two other digital copies of any of these new Lexham Press releases, you’ll receive a free digital copy of Michael S. Heiser’s book Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World—And Why It Matters.

Akin, a leading Baptist academic who also serves as the president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, said the pastoral Epistles have been some of the books that have most profoundly shaped him. Titus is one of those books. Within the pages of Living Doctrine, Akin reveals the relationship between sound doctrine and living a passionate, transformed life. Correct doctrine is not enough without the desire to be more like God. [Read more…]