Commentaries Called ‘Masterful’ & ‘Superb’ Just Relaunched: Watch the Trailer

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series is studded with gems. D. A. Carson calls the volume on Ephesians, for instance, “unquestionably the best technical commentary.”  [Read more…]

Pastor, Are You Burned Out? 10 Telltale Signs—and What to Do about It

Sometimes ministry burnout crashes into a life like a meteor, impossible to ignore. Other times, it creeps up day by day until we think the exhaustion and imbalance are normal.

Find out whether you have burnout—and what you can start doing today to treat it.   [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip | What Does It Mean to ‘Walk’?

Walking is a biblical metaphor for the way Christians are to live. However, walking was also the most common mode of travel in biblical times. That means if you search for “walk,” you will find all of these instances. [Read more…]

The Free Commentary People Are Snapping Up

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media.


free commentary blogBefore May slides by, pick up this month’s free book. Written by the chair of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation, the commentary delivers clear insights into Isaiah 40–66—including background, interpretation, and application.  [Read more…]

Disappearing Tomorrow: Huge Savings on All Logos 8 Packages

Logos Tech Tip: Explore Word Meanings with Logos

Bible software has been so focused on morphological searching (which is a powerful and helpful tool in any Bible student’s arsenal) that many people think it can’t do anything more. But with Logos, you can do so much more than search morphology.
[Read more…]

Logos Exists Because of One Mom—Here’s Why

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media.

From Timothy (2 Tim 1:5) to Augustine to John and Charles Wesley and many, many more, God has used mothers to bring people to faith—and to set them afire for the gospel. 

To that number, we’ll add Faithlife’s founder and CEO, Bob Pritchett. [Read more…]

Coming Soon: New Logos Books You Love—Way Faster

Buying a book in Logos isn’t just buying a book. It’s not even buying a “smart book.” It’s buying a supercharged book that links up to everything your Logos can do—like pull up a treasure trove of information using the Passage Guide in just a second or two. (For example, all your related commentaries or everywhere a topic is mentioned in your Logos library.) [Read more…]

This Book for Pastors Just Won a Third Award—Have You Read It Yet?

In The Care of Souls, Harold Senkbeil reminds readers of the joys and pitfalls of pastoral ministry in a way that only a pastor with a half-century of experience can. Christ-centered truth radiates from its pages, set aflame by Senkbeil’s gentle, warm style. [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: 4 Easy Ways to Find Anything in Logos

One of the most tangible benefits of a digital library is the ability to quickly search and find whatever you need with a couple clicks. No matter what you’re looking for, Logos has a way to search for it. [Read more…]