How Africans in Scripture and the Early Church Helped Christianity Grow

In this lecture from the Mobile Ed course History and Theology of the African American Church, Dr. Carl Ellis Jr. discusses Africans mentioned in Scripture and the development and early history of Christianity in Africa.

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Sermon Preparation Help—from Beloved Baptist Pastors

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Revelation: Why We Must Fight the Lie That God Doesn’t Care

By Aubry Smith

Through windows, televisions, and internet portals, my view of the world looks bleak. Conflicts erupt across the globe; protests escalate into riots. The global refugee crisis continues to expand, and injustices in refugee camps call out to us. Shooters invade schools, synagogues, mosques, churches. In my own life, the past few years have seen my mother’s descent into dementia, then her sudden death by cancer, and the suicide of my younger brother. It often feels as if the darkness is overcoming the light.  [Read more…]

A Biblical Perspective on Racial Diversity from John Stott

In the late 1970s, British nationalism and racial discrimination were in full swing, and British Christians began to voice their increasing concern.

One way that evangelical leader, John Stott, did this was through his monthly column “Cornerstone” in Christianity Today, written between 1977 and 1981. Those articles covered “a wide spectrum of theological, ethical, cultural, and global issues.”1
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More Than a Love Poem—What the Song of Solomon Reveals about God’s Design for Marriage

By Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Marriage comes as one of the gifts from our Creator’s hands to us mortals—we who are made in his image. The idea of one man and one woman being joined together in matrimony and in a covenant with each other, as well as simultaneously in covenant with God (Prov 2:17; Mal 2:14), is central to this teaching. It is one of the great foundational teachings of Scripture.  [Read more…]

Who Does the Lord Deliver? One Abolitionist Offers a Biblical Response.

By Todd R. Hains

Things are not the way they’re supposed to be. We live in a world filled with suffering and injustice, where the wicked often prosper and the righteous often languish. Scripture assumes this basic truth. Yet it doesn’t provide a clear and simple reason why this is so. Instead, the Bible gives us rhythms and words of protest, prayer, and praise.  [Read more…]

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