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The Lord’s Prayer Reminds Us: God Doesn’t Need Our Prayer

This excerpt is adapted from The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Praying to Our Father by Wesley Hill, a new release from Lexham Press.

At the center of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew, He offers to his disciples a model for prayer. This would not have seemed at all unusual to Jesus’ followers. Many teachers who attracted crowds in Palestine, like Jesus did, were expected to pass on their insights about how best to beseech God, and Jesus wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows by conveying his. In the Gospel of Luke, for instance, Jesus’ disciples are the ones who prompt His instruction: “Lord, teach us to pray, as John [the Baptist] taught his disciples” (11:1). [Read more…]

Free Commentary on Mark, Plus Savings on Beth Moore, John Piper & More

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Darrell Bock on Why We Need Cultural Scripts to Understand the Gospels

Can we properly interpret the Gospels without cultural scripts? That is, without knowing their historical and cultural background?

Dr. Darrell Bock says no. 

Dr. Bock is the Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He’s a pillar of contemporary evangelical scholarship that students of the Word turn to for theological expertise on topics like Luke-Acts, Jewish studies, and dispensationalism.  [Read more…]

Facing Rejection in Your Calling? Remember Mark 6:1–6.

Pursuing your calling brings victories—and rejections. 

If downheartedness tempts you to lose focus, remember this thought from beloved rector and Bible scholar R. T. France: “Not everyone was impressed by Jesus.”1

Consider Jesus’ rejection as told in Mark 6:1–6 in the below excerpt from November’s free book of the month, R. T. France’s commentary The Gospel of Mark (NIGCT). [Read more…]

J. I. Packer on Preaching and Listening to Sermons

By Leland Ryken, excerpted from J. I. Packer: An Evangelical Life.

Preachers are only half of the equation in preaching. The other half is the people who listen to preaching. Just as it is easy to think of education in terms of what administrators and teachers do, it is a permanent tendency to think of preaching in professional terms as what preachers do. But just as the heart of education is what happens to students, so, too, the “bottom line” in regard to preaching is what happens in the minds and hearts of the people in the pew.

I believe that Packer’s writing and speaking about preaching never lose sight of those who hear.

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What Should Protestants Appreciate in the Work of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI?

Why read a book of Protestant appreciation for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger?

First, it helps clarify some misunderstood doctrines of the Catholic Church. [Read more…]

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How Phillip E. Johnson Taught Us to Think about Reason and Faith

Phillip E. Johnson (1940–2019), sometimes called the “godfather of intelligent design,” died on November 1 at age 79.

Johnson, author of well-known books such as Darwin on Trial, became a formidable voice on creationism, science, reason, and faith. Johnson started his career as an attorney and scholar, and his books reveal how his legal training helped him craft logical and thoughtful arguments. Indeed, one of Johnson’s great legacies is teaching his readers how to ask better questions. [Read more…]