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Flash Sale on IVP and Crossway Bundles

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Elyse Fitzpatrick: Idolatry and the Power of the Cross

Elyse Fitzpatrick is a respected counselor, author, and Bible teacher with a gift for applying biblical wisdom to personal and relational issues.

In the video below, she offers a brief word on the nature of idolatry as she introduces her course on the topic, Idolatry and the Power of the Cross: [Read more…]

5 Books of the Bible That Might Intimidate You . . . But Don’t Need To

When we decided to curate a list of resources for every book of the Bible, one of our priorities was to choose resources that would help people comprehend the most difficult books of the Bible.

All Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for helping Christians mature and better obey God (2 Tim 3:16–17), so we should study all of it.

Here are five books of the Bible that might stump you on an initial read, with keys to help you unlock the book, plus resources for going deeper.

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How to Get a Book Bundle That’s Perfect for You

Buying books by the bundle gives you a lot of great books at a great price. But sometimes, you want to switch out a few books to make it the perfect bundle for your Logos library.

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What’s the True Cost of Bad Biblical Interpretation?

Prooftexting. Eisegesis. Missing the cultural setting. Taking passages out of context.

Common hermeneutical missteps can have big effects on your faith and your church. Just ask Hymenaeus or Philetus, whose teaching Paul rails against in 2 Timothy 2:17. [Read more…]

Save 30% on IVP Collections This October

The modern Church has a lot to learn from ancient Christianity. Sure, some Christians may still recite the creeds or read Augustine, but there’s far more we could glean by reading more from the Early Church Fathers.

Returning to writings from the ancient Church shows us how pastors and theologians throughout history have responded to theological controversies—many of which we’re still dealing with today. [Read more…]

4 Truths for the Overly Responsible, Crazy Busy

If you’ve ever told yourself you should be doing more, you may be right.

Or you may have too high a view of yourself.

In this excerpt from Crazy Busy, free this month on Faithlife Ebooks, Kevin DeYoung provides four thoughts to help the overly responsible.

It is adapted from a chapter titled, “The Terror of Total Obligation.” [Read more…]