Free Course This July: The Believer’s Identity, Calling, and Destiny

“Sons and daughters of God” may not mean what you think it means. Explore its significance—and much more—with Michael Heiser’s course The Believer’s Identity, Calling, and Destiny, free this month only. 

Dig into often-overlooked context, believers as family, participation with God’s government, the meaning of “none beside me,” and more. [Read more…]

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3 Cities, 2 Battles, 1 Rallying Cry: What Archaeology and Geography Teach Us

Tel Gezer, Israel. Source:

David fought many battles, but there is one that stands out in the memory of the Israelites. After David was anointed king and he conquered Jerusalem and made it his capital, the Philistines came to the outskirts of the city and attacked twice. Both times God delivered David.  [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip | Organize, Mark Up, and Visualize Any Passage

Sometimes the best way to understand a passage is to illustrate it. With Canvas, you can drag words or phrases where you want them to create a visual outline of a passage or use a library of shapes to emphasize important aspects. [Read more…]

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Got a Question for N. T. Wright? Ask during Thursday’s Faithlife Live

If you could ask N. T. Wright one question about the state of the world today, what would it be? Bring it to the next Faithlife Live! [Read more…]

5 Tips for Shepherding Your Church on Race

People lifting their hands in prayer and singing.

In this excerpt from Dr. Walter R. Strickland II’s forthcoming Mobile Ed course (available now for $4.99), he offers guidance for pastors shepherding their church on race.


It is always difficult to shepherd people but especially shepherding in the aftermath of a highly racialized event. Unfortunately, on this side of the kingdom, there will always be many difficult issues to lead people through as a Christian leader. The hesitancy in leading in these moments is a desire to do the right thing that does not jump into an unnecessary conclusion too soon. There are some ways that you can lead amid this ambiguity in a very powerful way. [Read more…]

The Goldilocks Option for Learning Logos

Logos Bible Software comes with all sorts of free training—from hundreds of help articles and training videos to handy tutorial cards that pop up in the desktop app.

And then there’s in-depth training and workshops from Morris Proctor, where you jump off the high dive into what you can do with Logos. [Read more…]

Pastors, Forget about Creating Tension in Your Sermons. Do This Instead.

This post is adapted from Preaching to Be Heard: Delivering Sermons That Command Attention by Lucas O’Neill. [Read more…]

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