. Audio Sermons in Your Passage Guide

Audio Sermons in Your Passage Guide

Our developers have been hard at working pushing out lots of little improvements and tweaks over the last few weeks. But there are also a number of cool features in the works. Some are already starting to trickle out. Just recently we added a new feature to the Passage Guide that we think you’ll enjoy. Now as you do your Bible study or sermon prep, you’ll see links to audio sermons on the passage you’re studying from SermonAudio.com, the largest database of free audio sermons on the web. The new section appears down at the bottom next to SermonCentral.com and PowerPointSermons.com, but you can move it up to the top or wherever you want.

Just click on the sermon title to launch the sermon in your browser, or click on the speaker’s name to see all of his sermons.

This new feature comes to you free of charge, and you don’t even have to do anything to get it. Just start up Logos 4, and run a Passage Guide. Best of all, the nearly 300,000 audio sermons from SermonAudio.com are completely free to play or download. What a wealth of sound, biblical preaching to listen to during your study or take with you on your MP3 player!

We realize that everyone is different, and some people don’t care to have audio sermons in the Passage Guide. That’s why we’ve made it so easy for you to customize the Passage Guide to suit your needs. Simply collapse the sections you don’t want to see, delete them from a particular guide, or remove them from all your guides by creating a custom Passage Guide and naming it “My Passage Guide” (via Guides > Make a new guide template).

There are plenty more cool features in the works. No matter when you buy, you’ll get all the latest improvements and features that we’re continually shipping. However, the special introductory discounts on the Logos 4 base package libraries are here for a limited time. You may never have another opportunity to upgrade or pick up one of our base packages at the prices we’re currently offering them for. So don’t miss out!

Written by
Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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  • “remove from all your guides”
    Phil not accurate. please reword.
    Please explain ever so briefly how to set up a MY Passage Guide which overrides system defaults.

  • I thought that’s what I already did (“remove them from all your guides by creating a custom Passage Guide (via Guides > Make a new guide template)”), but I forgot the detail about naming it “My Passage Guide.” I’ll make the edit. Thanks for pointing it out, Damian.

  • Wow, great feature, thanks. I was thinking just the other day that Logos should link searching to SermonAudio. Thanks guys.

  • This is great news … but can I please ask that you do the same with sermons.net?
    sermonaudio.com is great, but is very finely limited to conservative only churches, and don’t allow for female preachers or those from pentecostal or charismatic backgrounds as far as I am aware (very happy to be wrong on this though).
    Just a pity that such a great feature might be held hostage slightly by a more limited site. I class myself as a conservative evangelical by the way!

  • Sorry Phil that my message was so brief – it reads like a telegram. I didn’t expect you to post it.
    What I meant is that you can’t remove this item from the system defined passage guide. So you can’t literally “remove them from ALL your guides.”

  • No problem, Damian.
    Point taken. If you create a replacement to the Passage Guide, I assume you probably won’t run the default any more. If that’s the case, then we do allow you to remove features from all of the Passage Guides that you actually run, even if not from all of the Passage Guides that you could run. :)

  • I haven’t used sermon audio before. Is there a way to “prioritize” preachers for the Passage Guide feature??

  • What’s the chances of Logos offering the same service for those of us who prefer Sermonindex.net?

  • I love this idea, but its not working for me. I notice I do not have the add button at top right corner can some one tell me what I’m doing wrong. I also can’t figure out how to play the logos hymnal.

  • Phil when I click on the sermon audio link nothing happens, why is this? I have use these before but its not working, what could be the cause?

Written by Phil Gons