. Don't Miss the Pre-Order Price on the Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive!

Don’t Miss the Pre-Order Price on the Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive!

Image courtesy of the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive

Pastor. Preacher. President.

Considered one of the most influential ministers of the 20th century, Adrian Rogers held these titles with distinction. He led Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, for 33 years and grew the congregation by 20,000 people. He preached thousands of sermons in the course of his lifetime. He was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention for two terms, leading the convention in a conservative direction.

The Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive is coming soon for study and devotional reading in Logos Bible Software. Here’s a look inside the contents of this collection:

  • Contains over 1,500 sermons, including some of Rogers’ earliest material, and spans through the end of his ministry at Bellevue
  • Provides a completely searchable database
  • Covers multiple topics, perfect for lay people looking for a word of comfort or for pastors seeking the perfect illustration for their Sunday morning sermon

Throughout his years as pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church, Adrian Rogers delivered over a thousand sermons, covering nearly the entire Bible. Whether he was discussing the biblical standards for marriage or Jesus’ atonement for sinners, Rogers always sought to point his listeners back to the Bible as the inspired and totally inerrant Word of God. Rogers’ belief in the Bible was steadfast, and he always exhorted his congregation to take up and read.

This sermon archive ships this Friday, 10/27/2017, at 5:00 p.m. PT. Don’t wait to pick up this massive collection at a reduced price—once it ships, the price goes up!

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Daniel Motley

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Written by Daniel Motley