Add Notes and Highlighting to Your iPhone or iPad with iOS 2.0

Right on the heels of the release of Logos 4’s latest update comes an exciting update to the Logos iPhone app. Check it out:

If you use the Logos iPhone app, you can update it now to add new functions to your mobile Bible study.

Get the iPhone App Today!

If you haven’t downloaded the Logos Bible Software app for your iPhone or iPad, don’t wait any longer! The Logos Bible Software iOS app can help you experience a fuller, richer Bible study experience wherever you go—and it’s absolutely free!

You’ll get:

  • Notes: Attach your thoughts and comments to a verse or book for future reference.
  • Highlighting: Mark the text your way with more than 80 colors and symbols.
  • Languages: Access the original Greek and Hebrew words with a simple tap-and-hold on any word in the Bible. You’ll instantly see the lemma and morphology of the term.
  • Split Screen: Whether in vertical or horizontal orientation, you can view your Bible alongside a secondary resource. Both panels scroll in sync, so you’re always in the right place.
  • Social Sharing: Have a verse you want to share with others? Simply swipe up on the screen, select “Share,” and choose to share via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Word Studies: Learn more about a word by running a Bible word study. Logos 4 links the text to dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references, and lets you view various translations of the Greek or Hebrew word.
  • Free Books: You get 41 resources for free instantly when you download the Logos iPhone app. Plus, you can access 26 more free books by creating a account.
  • And so much more!

Grow your mobile library with nearly 20,000 Bibles, commentaries, reference guides, Christian living books, and more—all available from Logos and Vyrso. Or combine the Logos iPhone app with a Logos 4 base package, and get the benefit of an expansive Bible study library for pennies on the dollar.

You can get more information about the Logos iOS app on our iPhone and iPad pages, or simply download the app today!


  1. If this is true, and I am waiting to see that it is, that will be the best news ever!!!!

  2. so does this update also include fixing the reading plan synchronization issue? Reading plan synchronization is currently broken!

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Fixing the reading plans syncing issue is a high priority. We will have a fix for this very soon.

  3. Michael Williams says

    Hi and good day to you one and all. It’s my hope that everyone is blessed and your families are to.

    My question is: I don’t own an Ipad. But I own an android pad called the Cruz 8″ (It comes in a 10″ if you want to pay for it) Can I use this app on my Cruz? or is it mandatory to buy an Ipad?

    I thank you in advance for your help on this matter.

    In the service of the risen King!
    Rev. Michael Williams

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for your question. While this post is about our iPhone app, we do have an android app as well. Highlighting and notes will be available on the Android app soon.

  4. Thank you! This is absolutely fantastic! Love the font updates as well in the new app.

  5. I’m liking the ability to add notes and highlighting to my resources from within the iPad app. However, is it possible to look at the note creating, as a stand alone resource? If I create notes on a text I’m reading in Logos, I’d like to be able to return to those notes as a separate document…