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Add 3 Books to Your Library for Less Than a Latte

April’s free book is here!

This month only, get your free copy of A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator by Charles Leland Quarles.

Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner lauds the book in its foreword, saying:

Quarles has given us an intellectual and theological feast. The work is written with wonderful clarity so that the message is accessible to laypeople. Still, the book’s message isn’t simplistic. Scholars and students will be challenged by the exegetical and theological depth of Matthew’s theology. Nor does Quarles simply rehearse what Matthew teaches about Jesus. He exults in it. He leads us to worship. The book has a devotional and spiritual dimension that helps readers see Jesus.

Get your free book now.

Get two more for just $5

While you’re at it, $5 gets you two books from the Gospel according to the Old Testament Series:

Immanuel in Our Place: Seeing Christ in Israel’s Worship by Tremper Longman, III—now $1.99

The places and practices of Israel’s worship tell us quite a lot about how Jesus would be the true and better tabernacle and temple, the great high priest, and the suffering servant. Dive into this book by Tremper Longman, III, to gain a richer understanding of our worship today by considering worship in the Old Testament.

After God’s Own Heart: The Gospel according to David by Mark J. Boda—now $2.99

In this book, Mark J. Boda leads readers through the life of David, showing how key biblical themes in David’s life foreshadow the Messiah. Explore the Son of David through the lens of David’s life with After God’s Own Heart.


Get all three books this April for just $5!

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