A Simple Way to Develop Application for Your Sermon

Let’s be honest: sermon prep is long, difficult work. When preparing a sermon or lesson, I would typically spend 95% of my time studying the meaning of a passage and the significance of the surrounding context. I’d consult commentaries, track down key terms, and perform in-depth word studies. But even after hours of grueling work, one of the most important steps still remained: application.

The hard task of exegesis often left me with little time to demonstrate practical ways the insights I uncovered connected to people’s lives. But with Logos I can discover how master preachers handled a particular text—and how they applied its message to the lives of their hearers.

In this video, one of our Logos Pros shows you how to incorporate both modern and classic sermons into your Bible study and sermon prep, using one of our most popular sermon collections: the John MacArthur Sermon Archive.

Build your sermon library

To get the most out of these features, you need a robust library of sermons. Here are a few resources I recommend:

  • John Piper Sermon Archive: John Piper isn’t only one of today’s most popular preachers, his exegetical preaching style means that all of his outlines and application are closely tied to biblical texts. So, when you’re discovering a particular passage, it’s easy to incorporate Piper’s insights into your own sermon.
  • Tim Keller Sermon Archive: Keller is great at connecting biblical truth to believers and unbelievers alike. With his sermons in your Logos library, you’ll have access to a ton of spot-on illustrations and applications that are tied to specific texts, themes, and topics.
  • Classic Sermon Library Builder:This is a great way to fill your library with sermons from preachers across church history. The author list reads like a preacher’s hall of fame, including John Wesley, George Whitefield, B.B. Warfield, and many others.

Start using sermons in Logos by finding the base package that’s right for you.

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Written by Taylor Jones