. A Refreshing and Engaging Look at the Supernatural

A Refreshing and Engaging Look at the Supernatural

Dr. Michael Heiser’s newest book, Supernatural, was released last week and the reviews are flowing in. People are raving about the astounding insights and the accessibility of the writing. Supernatural is a book that will challenge the way you think about the Bible and has deep implications on our faith, today. Want to catch up on all the reviews and comments? Everything has been curated in this Storify.

A biblical perspective

The overlooked and often difficult passages Dr. Heiser addresses in the Supernatural are brought to light by his focus on the ancient perspective of the biblical writers. Many of the reviewers praised his ability to engage critically with the text to help us remove 2,000 years of filters off our interpretive lenses.

Brian LePort commends Heiser for his ability to critically address Scripture:

I know quite a few Christians who claim to believe ‘everything’ in the Bible, but this usually means they haven’t reflected on that claim or that they’ve chosen the more sanitized interpretation of problematic passages, even when the sanitized interpretation doesn’t make as much sense of the text. Heiser doesn’t seem fazed by passages that may make strange claims when read critically.

On Unsettled Christianity, Joel Watts was also impressed by the biblical insights Heiser reveals:

What Heiser is doing is interesting, in my opinion, both as a scholar and a theologian. He is bringing to light Scripture nearly hidden since the Reformation. He has divorced himself from the usual talk of Catholic v. Protestantism and instead spoken plainly about often overlooked portions of Scripture. It is refreshing, to be clear. It is well within Christian tradition. And it is, for a lack of a better term, extremely biblical.

Challenge your own perspective

Not only does Dr. Heiser reveal the supernatural worldview of the Bible, he pushes us to rethink our own modern perspective.  The clarity of the material and the focus on practical application helps us consider how our faith is impacted by a fuller understanding of the supernatural realm.

Josh Weidmann had the chance to interview Dr. Heiser and came away extremely impressed with the material:

Frankly I think Dr. Heiser has done something amazing here that most of us could not do—he took something scholarly, theologically deep, and hard to understand and made it applicable, accessible, and engaging.

After reading Supernatural, Jeff Randleman was similarly impacted:

Supernatural gave me some insights and ideas that I have been wrestling with since I read the book, and I’m not certain about the conclusions I may reach. This book has really caused me to think, more so than anything I have read in a long while.

When you’re looking into buying Supernatural, remember Matthew Winbow’s advice:


Find out why a better understanding of the supernatural worldview of the biblical writers helps you understand your place in God’s kingdom today—pick up Supernatural now!

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Jake Mailhot
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  • Dr. Heiser’s brilliant approach to understanding the supernatural worldview of the bible as an ancient Israelite has been a very effective technique for giving me an edge into biblical theology, compared to my peers and cohorts who are average churchgoers not necessarily seeking a depth of understanding beyond the superficial meanings of Christianity. I love the idea of assuming the time-frame, zeitgeist, mindset and knowledge sources of the ancient scholar according to Heiser’s carefully laid out methodologies and his unique synthesis of the material as a whole.

    I trust Heiser’s work and scholarly expertise to the fullest degree having prayed and meditated often, asking God to confirm and bless what he is teaching me, and thus far my impressions in prayer have given me this idea and image in response to my queries: “follow Heiser; read everything and listen carefully to what he says; get that Verbum upgraded to Capstone; dig-deeper and do not stop seeking the greater mysteries; be alert, watch, follow Heiser.” These are the mental impressions I consistently receive from my prayers requesting verification of those I wish to trust and take spiritual direction from. I do consider Mike Heiser one of my spiritual directors at this time and this is no small determination in my life.

    Dr. Heiser is correct when he advises us to “bracket” our traditions and look at the biblical text in it’s proper context. As a Catholic devotee, I found this advice to be welcomed and it actually relieved me of a burden and a great weight that was on my back, which I cannot fully describe here. At the same time I gained a degree of freedom as a Catholic by obtaining and implementing the Deuteronomy 32:8-9 and Psalm 82 worldview. I have met and spoke with ordained priests with PhD’s that are not fully aware of what Dr. Heiser has put forth in Supernatural and other great works that he has authored, and this is very humbling to me, yet I treat this knowledge with great care and reverence, being careful not to use it as a hammer, or like a child with a big water gun.

Written by Jake Mailhot