10 Reasons This Bible Nerd Is Loving Logos 9

Do you want to know how we talk about you, Logos Bible Software users, inside the hallowed (but currently empty because of COVID) halls of Faithlife? We call you “pastors and other Bible nerds.” You are the people we love and the people we know how to serve. Which is a little selfish because you’re the kind of people a lot of us are. We make tools we ourselves need and want.

So I am personally excited about the brand-new Logos 9; I can’t help myself. Let me just tell you some of the things I’m glad this ever-improving software can now do for me. Oh yeah—and also for you. Pastors and other Bible nerds, rejoice. [Read more…]

How to Get Logos 9 on Any Budget: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The newest version of Logos Bible Software has arrived! New and improved features help you do the work of ministry—without the busywork. 

Pastor, professor, and self-proclaimed “Bible nerd” John K. says, “Logos 9 has built upon prior versions by making the tool more user friendly and faster. It’s everything you love about Logos Bible Software only better in nearly every way.”  [Read more…]

Logos 9 Is Here! See What’s New

Put on your festal robes—the newest version of Logos Bible Software has arrived!

Logos 9 is here with all-new features and resources to take the busywork out of your ministry. Watch the trailer to see what’s new! [Read more…]

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How Do You Outline a Sermon? When to Use 3 Points—and When Not To

When it comes to preparing a sermon, you need a solid outline. Not only does a sermon outline help you pick your main points, having an organized outline helps keep your listeners’ attention and helps them see what’s most important. 

But how do you outline a sermon—and how does the number of points change your sermon? [Read more…]

3 Great Old Testament Prayers That Could Redirect Your Life

By Walter Kaiser Jr.

Prayer has always been the way God has chosen to show himself strong on behalf of those who called upon him. If prayer is that powerful and has that kind of value, then the practice and habit of prayer ought to set a whole new direction for each of us. 

The brief expositions that follow illustrate how three Old Testament prayers instruct us in this principle. As you continue reading, I suggest you have your Bible open to the appropriate passages, so you can refer to the text of each prayer.  [Read more…]

Learning Logos: Create a Legend for Highlighting Styles

Here’s a question I’m often asked at Camp Logos:

I highlight various verses in the Bible with boxes, underlines, or colors. Then in a few weeks, I forget what those specific highlighting styles represent. Is there a way to create a “legend” for highlighting?

Actually, there is. So if you can identify with the above scenario give this a go: [Read more…]

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Learning Logos: Locate Positive and Negative Commands in the Old Testament

A Logos user submitted this question to me:

I was reading in a commentary in which the author stated there were over 600 commands in the Old Testament, some negative and some positive. Is there a way in Logos to locate those commands and if so can they be divided between positive and negative? [Read more…]

Bryan Chapell on How NOT to Preach a Message

Now, you’ve heard of the killer bees, but these are the “Deadly Be’s,” messages that, if they are preached just as I’m saying them, just by themselves, they actually become deadly spiritually.

1. ‘Be like’ messages

The first form of Deadly Be are what I will call “Be like” messages. We identify some biblical character for the good things that they are doing in Scripture, and we say, “Follow this example. Be like this person.”  [Read more…]