Last Chance for a Free ‘Top of the Food Chain’ Commentary

For a few more days, you can pick up a highly rated commentary on Isaiah for free. (It’s usually nearly $50.) [Read more…]

Learning Logos: Quickly Display Lemmas Sharing a Common Root

A Logos user contacted me with this Bible study scenario:

I’m studying the word “equip” in Ephesians 4:12. A commentary I’m using says this Greek word is related to the word “mending” in Matthew 4:21 and “restore” in Galatians 6:1. Is there a way to see all related words at once?

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5 Memorial Day Prayers for Our Country, Our Service, and Our Enemies

Memorial Day Prayers

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media.

First Thessalonians beckons us to pray without ceasing. As we think of those who’ve given their lives for our country and those they’ve left behind, we sense the need for prayer more deeply. These five Memorial Day prayers below weren’t written for the holiday, but they address many needs we feel today and focus us on the God who provides every day. [Read more…]

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Logos Tech Tip: Find Everywhere Jesus Is Referred to as ‘the Word’

In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, the author refers to Jesus as “the Word” (ho logos). This formulation has resonances in the Hebrew Bible, Greek philosophy, and Hellenistic Jewish thought.  But does this formulation appear anywhere else in the New Testament? [Read more…]

Massive Memorial Day Sale: 25% off Story of God Commentary & More

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Free Church Library Open Now (Because Discipleship Isn’t Canceled)

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Because of COVID-19, you and your church members have had to be online like never before for work, church, and school. With congregations struggling emotionally, financially, and spiritually because of the pandemic, wouldn’t it be wonderful if something else could be online—the church library? [Read more…]

30 Years of John Piper’s Works—and More on Sale This May

May’s Monthly Sale features resources on theology, biblical studies, and Church history—for up to 61% off. Start with this collection by our featured author, John Piper. [Read more…]

Tattoo-Inspired New Testament Exegesis

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I was at Costco getting gas. The guy across from me had a tattoo that caught my eye—it was ancient Greek: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

And suddenly, the meaning of a famous saying of Jesus became clear in my mind. [Read more…]

In Memoriam: Ravi Zacharias on Life, Death, Love, and More

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This morning, the Christian world lost a beloved brother in Christ: Ravi Zacharias. If you haven’t heard of Ravi, let me introduce him.

Born in Madras, India, in 1946, Ravi spent most of his childhood in Delhi. He professed atheism until age 17 when he attempted suicide by poison. While recovering in the hospital, a local Christian worker gave him a Bible, instructing him to read John 14. Upon reading verse 19, “Because I live, you also will live,” his life was forever changed. [Read more…]