7 Pre-Pubs for Less Than $20!

Want to add some resources to your library on the cheap? You can find lots of books on Pre-Pub for less than $20. Here is a sampling of what’s available:

  1. In Search of the Silver Lining: Where Is God in the Midst of Life’s Storms? This book, now on Pre-Pub for only $8.95, tackles the age-old question of suffering with delightfully encouraging and fresh insights. This title ships on February 13, 2012, so make sure to get your order in soon!
  2. The Voice of God: Experience a Life Changing Relationship with the Lord: Looking for a resource that emphasizes biblical authority and gives a good outline of basic Christian doctrines? Pick up The Voice of God now for $11.95.
  3. Wake Up Church: How to be Ready for the Return of Christ: Is the church ready for the return of Christ? Are you? Greg Wilburn shares shares several scriptural exhortations to be ready for the glorious return of Christ. Wake Up Church is available on Pre-Pub for the low price of $9.95.
  4. Christian Growth from A to Z: A Practical Discipleship Manual for Both New and Growing Christians: If you are a new Christian or looking for strong material to help you mentor others, you can’t go wrong with Christian Growth from A to Z. You can add this resource to your library for $9.95.
  5. Esther: Reflections from an Unexpected Life: Jennifer Westbrook Spivey unlocks the relevance of Esther for today. For less than $10, you can learn from Esther’s story how to trust God through life’s unexpected turns.
  6. Chariots of God: God’s Law in Relation to the Cross and the Christian: Take a powerful trip through the nature of the Ten Commandments, the purpose of the law, and Christ’s victorious sacrifice with Chariots of God. This is a thorough examination of the relation of the law to both the Gospel as well as to believers, and is an excellent addition to your library for only $7.99.
  7. Who Stole My Joy?: If you need to regain the joy that the circumstances of life may have taken from you, check out Sandra Steen’s practical and inspiring Who Stole My Joy? It can be yours for only $10.95.

Check out all of the Pre-Pubs available for less than $20. Pre-Pubs are a fantastic way grow your library for less!