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5 Ways to Transform Your Sermon Preparation and Delivery

There are a lot of great deals in the monthly sale, but each month we spotlight a product that offers special value. This month’s featured product is the Pastorum Series Collection. This unique set of resources is always a great value, and right now it’s 30% off.

What makes this collection so great? Simple: you get the tools to develop and present more memorable sermons—while reducing your preparation time. Here are five ways you can transform your sermon prep and delivery using these resources.

1. Incorporate quotations from church history. Featuring more than 2,000 quotations from throughout church history, each with an accompanying slide to use in your sermon, the Pastorum Series Collection gives you the perfect quote at the perfect time. Quotes are categorized by Scripture, author, and theme, making it easy to find the perfect words for your message.

2. Find the perfect prayer for each occasion. This collection includes 450 prayers, also with accompanying slides. You’ll find entries from both the Bible and such Christian leaders as Augustine of Hippo, John Calvin, and Charles Spurgeon.

3. Enliven your illustrations. Compiled by veteran pastor Jim L. Wilson, the 300 fresh preaching illustrations in this collection include stories and statistics, each categorized by theme and affiliated Scripture, so you can quickly find the perfect illustration to make your point stick.

4. Get teaching helps for key biblical books. For each passage in Mark, Luke, Philippians, Hebrews, and James, you’ll get study questions, application ideas, worship service suggestions, and more.

5. Leverage the power of Logos for your sermon preparation. All of these resources link to your Logos library, giving you broader context and suggestions for new resources to take your study deeper.

With the Pastorum Series, you’ll get the perfect set of tools for sermon preparation, fully integrated with your Logos library. Don’t miss this chance to get the collection for 30%. Already own part of the collection? You’ll get a custom discount.

Transform your sermon preparation. Learn more about the Pastorum Series Collection.

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  • 1. I find that the best quotes come from the Bible, but quotes from church history are a close second. Having a reference that makes finding these quotations easier is a definite big plus.

    2. Having the prayers and illustrations cross referenced to the rest of my Logos library is really great. I have a couple of books with hundreds of illustrations, but it takes a while to find what I’m looking for.

    This package definitely has some very useful resources.

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