5-Star Exodus Preaching the Word Commentary

In Preaching the Word: Exodus—Saved for God’s Glory, Philip Ryken invites readers to adventure through, as he puts it, “the epic tale of fire, sand, wind, and water. . . . the story that gives every captive the hope of freedom.”1

In the five-star Exodus commentary, Ryken takes a biblical, historical, and theological journey through this majestic book.

These topics (and many more) are explored in Ryken’s heartfelt, readable style:

  • The seven “I wills” of salvation
  • The sign of the snake
  • The redemption of sons
  • Feasts and offerings
  • Art and the Church

Logos user Casey G. describes Preaching the Word: Exodus—Saved for God’s Glory as “unique among Exodus commentaries for its practical application and historical insights.” 

Here’s an example of that insight and application, strikingly relevant for 2020:

Of all the things that God said to Moses, the most important was this: “I am the Lord.” We know this was important because God repeated it so often. “I am the Lord,” he said again and again. God makes this statement more than a dozen times in the book of Exodus.1 He first said it back at the burning bush: “I am who I am” (3:14, 15). Here in Exodus 6, when Moses gets into so much trouble that he starts to doubt God’s plan of salvation, God says it repeatedly: “I am the Lord.” He says it at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end, in verses 2, 6, 7, and 8. . . .

God wanted his people to understand that the answer to all their problems was to be found in him. Every aspect of their salvation depended on his being and character. Salvation began with God because it all came from his grace, and it would end with God because it would all return to his glory. Whatever difficulties showed up in the meantime, God would be able to handle because he is the Lord! Rather than taking a vacation from our problems, therefore, the thing to do is to find rest and repose in the lordship of God. He is the answer to every difficulty.2

Exodus is a God-centered book with a God-centered message that teaches us to have a God-centered life. Whatever problems we have, whatever difficulties we face, the most important thing is to know who God is. We are called to place our trust in the One who says, “I am the Lord.” When there is trouble in the family, and we don’t know how to bring peace, he says, “I am the Lord.” When a relationship is broken and cannot be mended, he says, “I am the Lord.” When nothing seems to go right, and it is not certain how things will ever work out—even then he says, “I am the Lord.”

For more, get Preaching the Word: Exodus—Saved for God’s Glory.

  1. Philip Graham Ryken, Preaching the Word: Exodus—Saved for God’s Glory Preface, Into Exodus (Crossway, 2005), 17.
  2. Ryken, Preaching, 172–173.


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