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5 New Mobile Ed Courses You Don’t Want to Miss

New Mobile Ed courses

We’ve recorded more than 200 courses for Mobile Ed on topics ranging from biblical studies and theology to preaching and discipleship. A number of these courses are on Pre-Pub, where you can pre-order them at a significant discount (often around 40% off). Here are five new courses we’ve recently put on Pre-Pub that you’ll want to check out.

Mobile Ed: BI301

A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God

In BI301 A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God Dr. Nicholas Perrin examines the important biblical concept of the Kingdom of God, and he looks at how the different biblical authors understood it. Since the Kingdom of God was such an important concept in the life and teaching of Jesus, Dr. Perrin pays special attention to how it is described in the Gospels. The course will help you understand what the kingdom of God is, and what it means to live in God’s kingdom.

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Jesus as Rabbi: The Jewish Context of the Life of Jesus

In NT390 Jesus as Rabbi: The Jewish Context of the Life of Jesus Dr. David Instone-Brewer looks at the teaching of Jesus in the New Testament within the context of first-century Jewish teaching. He looks at rabbinic literature and compares these Jewish writings with Jesus’ sayings. He also looks at the significance of Jesus’ exorcisms and other miracles and the different Jewish festivals Jesus attended in the Gospel narratives.

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Mobile Ed: ED205

Discipleship in History and Practice

In ED205 Discipleship in History and Practice Dr. Frederick Cardoza emphasizes the importance of biblical discipleship. He looks at how people have passed on their faith throughout history—from the time of the Old Testament up through modern times. Dr. Cardoza lays out general principles of discipleship including the practical issues of creating discipleship programs and setting up leadership teams.

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Christology: The Doctrine of Christ

Dr. Gerry Breshears explores the person of Jesus Christ in TH241 Christology: The Doctrine of Christ. The course examines both the deity and humanity of Christ. Dr. Breshears looks at the different names of Christ found in the Gospels and examines key New Testament passages that speak about the work and nature of Jesus. The course emphasizes not just the theological aspects of Jesus, but also what his life, death, and resurrection mean for you.

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Mobile Ed: CM313

Preaching Judges

“Why study the book of Judges?” asks Dr. Kenneth Way. Christians don’t tend to spend much time seriously examining the challenging and disturbing stories found in the book of Judges. Dr. Way’s course, CM313 Preaching Judges, will help you understand and appreciate this important book. He looks at the theology of the book, highlighting key themes of sin, salvation, transformation, and sanctification. He keeps the lessons practical throughout each section by asking the questions “What’s wrong?” and “Where’s God?”

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Want to jump into a course today? Take your pick from Mobile Ed’s entire course catalog—on sale up to 50% this Christmas.

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