4 Reasons to Get the Christian Origins and the Question of God Series


Every month, we offer a special discount on one of our top products. August’s deal is N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God Series. Here are 4 reasons to get it this month:

1. You’ll get 24% off the collection’s regular price. And if you already own some of the volumes, you’ll get a custom discount with Dynamic Pricing.

2. N.T. Wright is one of the most important figures in contemporary New Testament studies. Whether you agree or disagree with his ideas, you’ll want to know them.

3. These four volumes offer extensive analysis of first-century Judaism and Christianity, the historicity of Jesus and his resurrection, and Paul’s worldview and theology.

4. Both critics and Logos users have praised this series:

The sweep of Wright’s project as a whole is breathtaking. It is impossible to give a fair assessment of his achievement without sounding grandiose; no New Testament scholar since Bultmann has even attempted—let alone achieved—such an innovative and comprehensive account of New Testament history and theology. —Richard B. Hays

NT Wright never fails to make enlightening statements in very understandable language. –James W., Logos user on Jesus and the Victory of God

It deserves a place of privilege on the bookshelf of any serious student of the New Testament. —Jack Dean Kingsbury on The New Testament and the People of God

My understanding of Jesus’ Kingdom speeches and parables is far better due to this book. Not saying that I agree with all the author has to say, but he has given me much to think about—and I believe better ways to understand the first-century Middle-Eastern world. –Glenn C., Logos user on Jesus and the Victory of God

Theological books can be almost incomprehensible for the ordinary reader. It is a measure of the book’s power and interest that, when I was interrupted in my reading by an unexpected but usually welcome guest, I could hardly conceal my impatience to resume reading. No greater compliment could surely be paid by the lay reader to a distinguished work of theology . . . I shall return many times and always with the expectation of fresh enlightenment and new discoveries.—P. D. James on The Resurrection of the Son of God


Add the Christian Origins and the Question of God Series to your library today!


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